Wyoming COVID-19 Death Toll Rises 56 – Highest Weekly Update This Year | Wyoming News



Deaths have fallen dramatically this spring, with the number reported single-digit weekly since mid-March. But the trend did not continue. The numbers are now where they were at the start of the winter of last year, when the state saw more than 50 deaths per week.

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While active cases are lower than they were a month ago, hospitalizations have hovered between 200 and more since early September as most unvaccinated residents develop severe illness from a more aggressive strain of the virus. . As of Monday, 219 people were hospitalized with COVID-19 in Wyoming.

Less than 3% of people hospitalized with COVID-19 since May 1 have been fully vaccinated against the virus.

Health officials said people hospitalized with serious illnesses from their infections were younger than during the state’s last peak and often sicker.

This summer, federal and state officials resumed recommending the wearing of face masks in areas with low vaccination rates and moderate to high virus transmission, as the most contagious delta variant spreads nationwide.

Gov. Mark Gordon has said his office will no longer implement warrants or lockdowns. Gordon said he is encouraging residents to get vaccinated, but that the decision is “intensely personal” and that he does not foresee any intervention to increase the vaccination rate.

Wyoming’s vaccination rate is lower than most of the country. Nationally, the state has the second lowest proportion of fully immunized residents (43%) and the third lowest proportion of those who received at least one injection (50%).



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