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343 Industries confirmed today that Infinite haloThe next update on December 14 will add a Slayer playlist to the game’s popular multiplayer mode, along with playlists for Fiesta, Free-For-All, and Tactical Slayer aka SWAT. Plus a few welcome changes to the game challenge system.

On Reddit today, 343 community director Brian Jarrard shared the good news via a post on the Halo subreddit. According to Jarrard, four new playlists are coming Infinite halo via this update of December 14 already mentioned, each new playlist being dedicated to a specific and distinct mode. The new playlists are Slayer, Fiesta, FFA, and Tactical Slayer aka SWAT.

This follows news earlier this month that more fashions were indeed coming via new playlists, although at the time Slayer was slated for next year. I guess we can think of this as a Christmas present in advance.

According to Jarrard, the community’s demand for a Slayer playlist led the team to change their plans. Originally, they were going to launch the deathmatch-focused mode next year alongside plenty of variations. However, based on player feedback, the team is adding a barebones Slayer mode on December 14, although the team is still planning to add more variations next year as well.

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Currently, Infinite halo does not have a dedicated Slayer playlist and the current playlists it offers are limited, with many longtime Halo players being disappointed with the slim choices. So it’s a welcome update for many.

Next week’s update doesn’t just add new modes.

343 polishes Halo Infinite challenge system too. Jarrard explained that the developers remove some of the more annoying specific modes game challenges, reducing the need for others, and adding new challenges that match these new modes.

Also coming up in this December update is a new category of challenge which, according to Jarrard is “based on the player’s score accumulation ”and is the team’s small first step towards performance-based addition XP Rewards. Currently winning, losing, playing badly, or leading your team does not give you more or less XP towards your Battle pass. This has resulted in players not playing objective and simply cultivating XP by staying idle in matches.

It also frustrated Zack Zwiezen (me) when I have a big game and my team wins and yet I don’t get any bonus XP rewards.

While I was busy playing Halo Infinite amazing countryside and find silly easter eggs, I’m excited to return to multiplayer after this update to check out the new playlists and maybe get a night without fucking play in 4v4 CTF.



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