VIDEO INTERVIEW: VisualCortex CEO and Servian Country Managing Partner analyze the video partnership and analytics market


To be visual is to see, and with modern camera technology and top-notch video analytics solutions, you can get great insight into the objects and actions contained in video footage. The large-scale acquisition and analysis of video-based information can help modern organizations run better businesses, whether it’s more efficient operations, engagement, security and of superior customer service.

Visual cortex – the video intelligence platform connecting the potential of computer vision to real business results – signed a referral and services agreement with Australia’s leading data consultancy, Serbian.

Under the guidelines of the partnership agreement, Servian will be authorized to recommend VisualCortex’s video intelligence platform – as well as provide implementation, integration, template creation and related professional services – to current and future customers in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). Servian, Australia’s largest data-driven cloud consultancy, was acquired by US multinational IT services company Cognizant in January 2021. Servian and VisualCortex have previously collaborated to deliver computer vision results to government entities and transport organizations.

To learn more, iTWire speak with Patrick ElliotCEO and co-founder of VisualCortex, and David Emery, Servian’s national managing partner. This video interview is embedded directly below, after which the article continues, with a summary of the topics we talked about, and the official video announcement from VisualCortex and Servian as well.

In a statement to the media, Servian’s Country Managing Partner, David Emery, said the partnership will help its Australian and New Zealand customers leverage and act on large-scale video information, and added: “As a consulting firm, Servian is constantly focused on how we quickly deliver value to our clients.

“Partnering with VisualCortex allows us to bring a platform approach to video analytics, which means quickly focusing on using the data – and the insights and decisions we can derive from it – instead of devote all our time to engineering and integration.

“Historically, analysis has focused on data from the central systems of our companies. Video analytics gives us the ability to leverage data, which was previously untapped, to generate new insights into new areas as well as new insights into existing parts of our business. At Servian, we do not view video analytics as a standalone service offering. We consider it part of the instrumental data backbone of an organization. VisualCortex will help us achieve this vision.

VisualCortex CEO and Co-Founder Patrick Elliott added that the partnership with Servian was a pivotal moment in the company’s evolution, increasing its reach and helping to serve its customers across the region.

“Servian is a true pioneer in computer vision and a force in data services across the ANZ region,” Elliott said. “As an emerging technology and market, Gartner cites the two main challenges faced by organizations undertaking AI projects – such as computer vision – as a lack of skills as well as an inability to understand cases of potential uses and connect them to real-world challenges.

“We know Servian has the skills and hands-on experience delivering real-world computer vision projects to help organizations quickly realize business value and excellent long-term ROI. Their deep footprint, trusted customer relationships and large workforce will also help us scale quickly, which underpins VisualCortex’s channel-based go-to-market strategy across ANZ.

Servian Associate Partner and Head of AI and ML Andy Huang said the VisualCortex partnership will enable Servian customers to facilitate enterprise-wide computer vision programs.

“Unlike camera-side or point solutions – which typically focus on one video analytics challenge per deployment – ​​VisualCortex provides a high-performance enterprise platform to facilitate any real-time or historical video analytics use case. “, said Huang. “Where VisualCortex offers significant value to Servian customers is its extensibility – it’s easy to deploy, use, and add new use cases as they emerge.

“We are able to leverage commodity hardware to perform large-scale video analytics. VisualCortex can also be deployed wherever customers want – on-premises and edge, to public and private clouds, or a hybrid approach. This means we get started faster and significantly lower the barrier to entry for our clients.

“Thanks to the platform approach, we are also able to easily adapt to changing customer needs. Once we start a video analytics project, we often find that three or four other use cases quickly emerge. With a range of intuitive dashboards and reports, combined with the ability to easily integrate video data generated in VisualCortex with other data sources, we see huge potential to democratize access to video analytics in the whole company. We want to enable our customers to realize value in all parts of their organization. »

Servian works with a wide range of video analytics customers, across ANZ – from retail and transport to logistics and occupational health and safety.

“We are especially excited to see how we can help our transportation customers improve their computer vision capabilities with VisualCortex,” Emery said. “We will do this in a range of use cases – from proactive incident detection and traffic flow management to schedule optimization and automated license plate recognition.”

Here is the official video announcement, VisualCortex and Servian sign ANZ video analytics partnership:

Here’s a summary of the topics we talked about in the iTWire TV interview (first video embedded above):

  • I start by introducing Patrick and David, welcome them to the program, then ask Patrick to explain to me what VisualCortex does and what the partnership is all about.
  • David then gives a brief summary of Servian and how the computer vision field fits into Servian’s broader service offerings.
  • Next, Patrick explains why the Servian partnership is important to VisualCortex, and David explains why Servian chose to partner with VisualCortex.
  • Patrick then briefly explains the history of video analytics, how it has evolved over the past decades, and how customers are using VisualCortex’s video intelligence platform today: the challenges and the benefits.
  • David explains why computer vision is an area of ​​expertise that Servian has invested in for some time, as well as the factors that make video analytics so transformative.
  • David highlights some of Servian’s successes in video analytics and explains the opportunities he sees for organizations leveraging computer vision in the future.
  • We look at the different challenges that organizations face when implementing video analytics, how they can overcome these common barriers, and how the global analytics market is changing.
  • Patrick explains how data from performing video analytics is processed in different ways through the VisualCortex platform – whether at the end of the line, in the cloud or in hybrid architectures.
  • We look at whether expensive cameras need to be acquired or whether compatibility with legacy cameras already installed can make it easier to get started.
  • David shares how he hopes the partnership will be positively disruptive, while Pat and David share how they see their businesses evolving over the next two years.
  • Both Patrick and David share some great advice they’ve received in life, along with their latest messages to iTWire viewers, their respective customers and partners.

Watch the video interview with Patrick and David above to learn more.


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