Vera 11 series return sparks big complaint from ITV viewers as new episodes pick up


Vera fans all had the same gripe that ITV’s hit drama made its long-awaited return to ITV on Sunday night – there were way too many commercials!

The expectation was high for a new Vera fix this weekend, after Series 11 was put on hiatus in September, with just two episodes airing.

The coronavirus has had a negative impact on production, with filming initially delayed when the country first entered containment in 2020 and then again early last year.

But now all six new episodes are in the box and the third heralded Vera’s big comeback on Sunday, with the action centered on Blyth as a theft from a shipping port had fatal consequences as Gary Mallon was killed. in a hit and run.

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If that wasn’t dramatic enough for DCI Stanhope and his team, Mallon’s son was kidnapped while his father was in intensive care.

There were certainly twists and turns throughout the episode, with the finger of suspicion pointing to different characters. notably the shady shipping port of Charlie Hardwick and the great patron saint of the social club Grace Webley.

But there was one thing that hindered the outcome of the case that had nothing to do with the plot; the number of commercials during the two-hour episode.

The action has been stopped far too many times for commercials to the liking of many Vera fans, and many of them have flocked to Twitter to protest.

Tweeting directly from ITV, one angry viewer exclaimed: ” @ITV do we really need all these fucking Vera ads. It’s absolutely ridiculous every 15 minutes. ”

A second echoed the same sentiments, lambasting: “So far Vera is starting to look like itv commercials,” with a third reacting: “Vera is fine but would be much better if it weren’t for so many advertising”

In addition to the former Byker Grove actress and Emmerdale Charlie making an appearance, other guest stars on the episode included Joe McGann and Bill Ward.

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