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It’s that time of year again – the time of year we give thanks… and businesses hire a ton of seasonal workers! If you think Macy’s and Amazon are the only companies to increase their volumes of contract and seasonal workers in December, think again. This year in the e-discovery arena, law firms, vendors, and consulting firms are all hiring seasonal project managers and technical analysts for a variety of reasons.

First: the year has been particularly busy for e-discovery. Full-time workers in organizations are tired and in need of a break from the predicted constant flow of litigation over the holiday season. Many of these much-loved full-time employees have scheduled vacations that they postponed for two years due to the pandemic, work demands and other factors.

Second: Law firms, businesses and vendors use seasonal hiring to sample ESI talent in the job market, considering long-term contracts or contract conversion to full-time employee. In 2021, TRU saw the highest volume of entrepreneurs converted to full-time employees between April and May. This is due to the volume of hires that took place during the holidays in 2020 for contractual resources to bolster Q1 revenue expectations. Expect the same now and into Q2 2022 when it comes to conversions.

Third: As many companies, and especially law firms, maintain that all new hires must be in place and meet vaccination mandates, fewer and fewer job seekers are showing interest in these positions. full-time vacancies. The most common workaround used by employers struggling to fill direct-hire positions is to hire and hire contract workers instead. For some reason, organizations, especially law firms and large corporations, can get permission and approval from the workforce to hire a remote contractor anywhere, but cannot get the permission and approval of the workforce. same authorization when the new hire is a full-time employee of the company / enterprise.

Add to all this the already unusually high demand for ESI talent in the job market, and you still have a tremendous opportunity for mid-market eDiscovery pros to leverage their experience into incredibly lucrative vacation deals. Many of these will lead to full-time employment, while others will lead to more diverse opportunities for the lifestyle entrepreneur in Discovery Services.

All any business wants for the holidays this year is more and better talent! If you’re the talent, it’s time to polish that resume and let clients shop around on your skills and experience.



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