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Student training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center resumed Monday with some restrictions.

The announcement follows a brief halt in training due to a recent COVID-19 outbreak.

Glynco will temporarily suspend its practice of accommodating the overflow of off-base students at nearby hotels and transporting them daily to and from the center. He is now working towards this goal.

The new order from the US Department of Homeland Security will reduce the size of training classes at the Glynco facility. In the past, during the initial onset of the pandemic, FLETC has reported that it has enough dormitories to house only 1,025 students on the 1,600-acre compound.

The department said it will open up the training to more students as soon as circumstances permit.

DHS said all students in its training programs will need to be vaccinated against COVID and will be allowed to leave the base with limited exceptions.

The new rules apply to Base Glynco and the three other Homeland Security training centers in Charleston, South Carolina, Artesia, New Mexico and Cheltenham, Maryland.

“Throughout this pandemic, FLETC has followed the recommendations and guidelines outlined by the CDC and consulted with DHS, FLETC and local health professionals,†said FLETC Director Thomas J. Walters.

“Vaccinations are the most important action a person can take to protect their health and keep their friends, classmates and colleagues safe. We know that effective vaccination paves the way for our community to provide life-saving law enforcement training. With the help of our community medical health professionals, thousands of students and staff have benefited from FLTC’s on-site vaccination events over the past few months. Vaccinated staff and students help strengthen FLTC’s defenses against the COVID-19 virus. “



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