The State of the Mac Observer: Yesterday, Today, and Into the Future


A lot of change has happened here at The Mac Observer since the beginning of the year. We have undergone a change of ownership, as well as a radical change in our workforce. Two of our regular podcasts went on hiatus and I took the helm as editor. What hasn’t changed, however, is our commitment to bringing you the best news reports, rumours, reviews and commentary on all things Apple. So let’s see where The Mac Observer stands today and where we are going.

Bringing the News, Rumors and Leaks to Your Eyes

One of the most exciting aspects of Apple product coverage is trying to unravel the Cupertino-based company’s veil of secrecy. This has always been a top priority for TMOand that’s part of why I think “Observer” is such a big part of our banner.

We are a much smaller company than some of our colleagues, of course. We don’t have the number of writers, or all the well-placed connections, to bring these rumors to you first. At least not all the time. However, we constantly scour news sources and social media, looking for this information.

Maybe because The Mac Observer has been such a compact operation since I’ve been involved in publishing, I’ve taken a slightly different approach to breaking news. My philosophy is that if we can first bust a rumor or news and maintain quality fact-checking and analysis, great.

However, I think quality should take precedence over being the first out the door. That’s why, during the latest Apple events, our coverage was released shortly after the presentations were over. I encouraged our editors to make sure we have the best information, not necessarily the first.

Always looking to improve

That being said, we are always looking to improve our game. We continue to look for new talent to add to our writing team. I would love to have a diverse group of writers from all walks of life, from all corners of the world. Apple, as an international tech giant, has influences in other parts of the world that I can’t even try to fathom.

That’s part of why I like having Arnold Zafra on the team. His unique perspective on Apple products, living in a part of the world that is sometimes the last to receive the latest hardware, definitely shines a light on both the quality of Apple’s reception around the world and also the expansion always desirable.

Nick deCourville also brings a new twist to our coverage. His recent experience as a musician gives him a great ear, pardon the pun, for exploring the creative possibilities of Apple’s hardware and software. He’s got a series of tutorials on GarageBand, for example, that I think will help a lot of people get started with the freeware.

Still, I would like to see us do more. I’d love to add more writers to the site, and welcome anyone who might have leaks to share. My inbox for this is always open at [email protected].

Explore media options beyond the Mac Observer homepage

Beyond that, we hope to expand our offerings beyond just written news coverage. With the incredible contributed by Ken Raywe relaunched The Mac ObserverPodcast Daily Observations. I will be joining Ken to discuss Apple news several days a week, as will current and past site staff.

As Apple and other tech giants resume in-person events, we hope to be able to offer on-site coverage of these presentations. We are already in the planning stages to provide in-person attention at the next Consumer Electronics Show in January 2023. More such opportunities will hopefully follow.

Our journey doesn’t end there, however. We are constantly looking for new ideas for podcasts, videos to add to our YouTube channel and more. The owners and I, along with our editorial team, are committed to seeing The Mac Observer grow in its offerings, reach and service to you, our dear readers and listeners.

It has been several exciting months here. It will be an even more exciting time in the days and months to come. Me, and everyone at The Mac Observer I look forward to making this site your premier source for the best and greatest news for all things Apple.


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