TCS offers online courses for university students and freshmen


Tata Consulting Services (TCS) has offered a range of courses that one can take in the comfort of their own home and gain hands-on learning experience from the best experts in the industry. Among many of these courses that are offered by TCS, while a few are free, others are paid.

These courses can be taken by first year, undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) students to hone their employability skills. Some of the courses are listed here, to learn more about other courses, students can register at

Communication skills course

In this course, TCS will help you understand “what communication is and why we communicate”. You will also understand non-verbal communication in detail. At the end of the course, you will learn to communicate effectively using a combination of verbal communication skills.

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Students who are preparing to take a job, as well as working professionals who have just taken a job, as well as businessmen dealing with companies and other similar clients, can take this course.

The course lasts one week and is in English. The course is free.

Interview skills course

An interview is a formal meeting to obtain information from an individual through questioning. It’s a perfect place to showcase your skills by modeling questions and answers to exchange ideas. This course will help you develop your confidence to face difficult interviews.

This course has been designed for first year students, who are preparing to take a job. It could also help those with some experience who are looking for a job change or better prospects within the organization.

The course lasts one week and is in English. The course is free.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing Course

A resume becomes effective if certain points are followed while a few others are avoided, and a well-written cover letter improves your chances of getting an interview. This course helps you understand the importance of a well-written resume and the different types of resumes. Additionally, in this course, you will learn the structure and points to keep in mind when writing an effective cover letter.

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Students preparing to take a job. Experienced people looking for a job change or better prospects.

The course lasts one week and is in English. The course is free.

Introductory course to IoT and its application

This popular course will help you understand programming aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT) for rapid prototyping of complex IoT applications. TCS chose Python as the primary programming language and Raspberry Pi device for the examples in this course.

Case studies from various fields of IoT including home automation, smart environment, smart cities, logistics, retail, smart energy, and smart agriculture are included in this course, says the course details book. This course also introduces you to advanced IoT topics, including IoT data analysis and tools for IoT.

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This course will help aspiring engineers, IoT enthusiasts, researchers and entrepreneurs interested in the fundamentals, impact and potential of the Internet of Things will find this course beneficial.

The course is eight week and is in English. The course is for Rs 17,700.

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