STOP IT: No, Barry Odom doesn’t need to keep Ed Orgeron


When news broke of Jermail Ashley’s firing by Sam Pittman on Sunday, it took about 15 minutes for someone to start throwing out Ed Orgeron’s name.

Some even started writing about bringing the former LSU coach to Fayetteville. It was even admitted that they were just throwing stuff there.

Seriously, forget it.

Arkansas defensive coordinator Barry Odom already has a full-time job and really doesn’t have time to guard Orgeron.

Ed Orgeron’s resume isn’t as impressive as it looks when you actually look at it.

Admittedly, old Ed has made the most of a resume that looks pretty impressive until you do some research and some real thinking.

As a position trainer under adult supervision, Orgeron did well. He was a good recruiter when he was at USC, LSU and even Miami.

In other words, at schools where you can choose who you take as much as beg them to choose you, Orgeron is pretty good at claiming credit for those recruits.

Forget his brief stint with the Razorbacks. He was the assistant strength coach for a few years when Ken Hatfield was the coach and basically the entertainment for the staff.

Don’t get too worked up about his skills as a defensive line coach. He was friends then with Pete Jenkins, who is the best defensive line consultant in the country, which was covered in detail by Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger a month ago.

Philadelphia Eagles defensive line coach Pete Jenkins instructs defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley (78) during training camp at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Jenkins consults with both teams during the national championship game. Everyone knows this, but it makes for some interesting conversations when certain clashes occur.

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Orgeron is overrated as a position coach and as a recruiter.

During his brief tenure as head coach at Ole Miss, he didn’t exactly set the world on fire. Hugh Freeze has better players.

When he had adult supervision, Orgeron did a pretty decent job at times, especially at LSU with a 2019 team where everything went as smoothly as possible.

He was fired less than two years later.

No, the Hogs don’t need Orgeron. It only brings headaches, no solutions.

Additionally, Odom has new assistants and players to manage.

Also, her childcare costs are a bit high.

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