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This image in large format store (openPR) Regarding the topic of ancestors, there are currently new scientific findings. Epigenetics, for example, which examines the legacy of experiences, shows that we not only inherit genes but also traumatic experiences from our ancestors and that these are passed down over four generations.

Bianca Maria Seidel An expert in the work of ancestorsIt has been practiced on the basis of personal experience for over 10 years and has already helped many people to free themselves from these inherited burdens. She says, “What science brings to light today has been known in ancient shamanic traditions for thousands of years. We now have the privilege of freeing ourselves from these inherited burdens and activating and instead using the “good inheritance” of our ancestors and their strengths, which they developed, as internal resources and thus gain more. internal security and experienced strength. This is an invaluable benefit and value in times of crisis. Because only those with strong roots can weather the storms of life and meet the great challenges.

As a specialist in the work of ancestors, Bianka Maria Seidl knows exactly what is important when people are not progressing well in life, because they lack strong roots. The 62-year-old began her career more than 33 years ago after recovering from a disease diagnosed as incurable by acupuncture. It was during this time that his passion for ingenuity was ignited. She was very keen to deepen her knowledge and knowledge, and for more than two decades she had extensive training with many European teachers. It was only in the last ten years that the ancestor theme was literally imposed on him from within, and once again that inner call followed.

The 62-year-old is very modest, as she herself claims. He defends the thesis that we now have the opportunity and the privilege to free ourselves from the burdens inherited from our ancestors and that there is enormous potential to be discovered in relation to our ancestors. Because our ancestors live through us and if we value and honor them, their light illuminates our future path to full life through us.

But Bianca Maria Seidl is not only active as an ancestor, she is also on stage to give ancestors a vision and a voice. Because it’s time to remember where we came from, to appreciate our ancestors and to keep this bond alive. Because tradition doesn’t just mean worshiping the ashes. Instead, tradition means passing on the living fire to our descendants.

Bianka Maria Seidl has put together the three most important tips for anyone interested in strengthening their relationship with their ancestors.

  1. Connect with your ancestors often. Fall and winter are perfect for this.
  2. Often come true and wonder where certain habits and attitudes come from.
  3. Find out how stressed I am with no events on my CV for it. If so, take a closer look and, for example, read my book The Omnivorous Animal Work.

“The most important thing is that we are at peace with our origins and that we can draw strength from it,” she concludes. Because one thing is certain: If you want to reach for the stars, you need strong roots.

your new book The work of an ancient shaman – this is how we reconcile with our ancestors, experience their support and receive their pioneer gifts ” It will be published on November 15, 2021 by Mankau Verlag.

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