Schools welcome students back as pandemic wanes


Ti Gong

Disinfection is applied before students enter their school.

Middle and high schools in Songjiang District have taken specific pandemic prevention and control measures to resume classes for some students.

After nearly three months of home-based online learning, second- and third-year high school students in Shanghai resumed classes on campus from June 6. Third-year high school students in the city returned to school from June 13.

A total of 43 suburban district middle and high schools are on the school resumption list. As of May 26, disinfection work had been carried out in these schools. Follow-up preparations also included detailed study and meal arrangements, and transportation safety education.

“Although we do not have a large number of junior high third-grade students, our school covers a large area, and the disinfection work on the floor area of ​​10,092 square meters, including each corner, classroom, hallway and roads, is a huge undertaking,” said Liu Xiquan, deputy principal of Wushe School in Maogang Town of Songjiang.

At Cangqiao School, grid management is adopted for all four classes of its third-year junior high students.

The grids are separated from each other. Students and teachers in each grid have their own classroom, lunchroom, restroom, and homework collection site. At the end of the day, they take polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests and leave school at different times. School management staff, cooks and sanitation workers are in lockdown management around the clock.

Songjiang No. 2 High School relies on the location code while conducting daily temperature, antigen and PCR tests for its students and teachers. The school has already trained eight teachers and two canteen workers to become PCR sample collectors.


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