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About Sahan Journal and our work

Sahan Journal is the only independent, non-profit digital newsroom dedicated to providing authentic reporting for and with immigrants and communities of color in Minnesota.

We chronicle the struggles and successes of immigrants and people of color in Minnesota: communities whose stories are often overlooked, ignored, or misrepresented in mainstream media. We are creating journalism that represents the changing face of Minnesota and recognizes that democratic commitment and power belongs to everyone. We believe that local journalism is a unifying force that can inform and connect us all.

The Sahan Journal editorial team produced original and influential coverage of important issues, including the diversity of teachers, the police, COVID-19 and health equity, environmental justice and political participation. Our photojournalists and media producers have created innovative videos and digital journalism for our website and on social media platforms. We are constantly experimenting with how to listen to the communities we cover and reflect their new needs in our work. Sahan Journal exists to find new and better ways to deliver news and information.

Since its inception, Sahan Journal has established itself as an innovator in the field of non-profit digital journalism, with strong community support and a young and diverse readership. We are working intensely and collaboratively. Our eight-person newsroom consistently produces stories that highlight the lives and experiences of communities of color in Minnesota. All staff wear multiple hats to get the job done. We are a diverse newsroom with a mission to raise the voice of communities of color and center the story in their lives. This means, among other things, that we insist on building a culture of deep respect, mutual support and fairness in the workplace.

Our journalism is recognized regionally and nationally for its excellence and distinction. Our stories reach audiences online, on social media and through media partnerships. Sahan has received funding from the Racial Equity in Journalism Fund (REJ) of Borealis Philanthropy, Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundations, McKnight Foundation, Knight Foundation, Google News Initiative, Facebook Journalism Project, Emerson Collective and others.

The opportunity

Sahan Journal is looking for an energetic, versatile and experienced Editor-in-Chief to handle daily news and company coverage and join our Editorial Director to shape the future of this distinctive non-profit news organization. You will help maintain Sahan Journal’s high standards of journalistic quality and community service. Launched in 2019, Sahan Journal is on the verge of moving beyond its start-up phase and setting up an information operation that will make Sahan Journal a major player in the media ecosystem of Minnesota and the nation.

Job description

Sahan Journal is looking for a full-time Editor to help shape our coverage of immigrants and communities of color in Minnesota. You will join a diverse team of journalists and a thriving nonprofit news organization committed to producing great journalism in new ways.

The editor will help assign and edit daily articles on education, health, local politics and government, police and public safety, labor and entrepreneurship, arts and culture, immigration, etc. Sahan Journal reports reflect and prioritize the lived experiences and information needs of immigrants and people of color.

The ideal candidate will have advanced reporting skills and at least five years of experience editing news articles for substance, readability, accuracy, fairness, sensitivity, storytelling, all the important things. The Editor-in-Chief will work closely with the Editorial Director to develop coverage plans and assignments, and work with reporters on daily briefings, profiles, investigative articles, reports, Q&A, etc. The editor will also help guide some less experienced freelancers through the reporting and writing process.

Sahan Journal wants to publish news where our readers want to be. The editor should be proficient in editing quick cover for our homepage, Instagram and other social media, newsletters, videos and other formats (Messenger / SMS / WhatsApp?). This job requires excellent editing skills and a knack for user-friendly display copy (headlines and subtitles, etc.). The ideal candidate will be able to translate our media coverage into compelling and accurate social media posts.

This position will be central to Sahan Journal’s rapid growth into a leading news source in Minnesota. But not all applicants come with all the skills and work experience. Our organization values ​​experimentation (without fear of failure) and continuous learning. Across the organization, we encourage our journalists to develop their skills through courses, workshops, webinars, mentoring, peer training opportunities, and more.

If this sounds like a job you can do well and learn to do better, we want to hear from you!

We’ve seen how journalism can provide a distorted picture of communities of color and how newsrooms can reproduce these destructive dynamics. Sahan Journal believes that good journalism begins with a workplace that respects its values. In practice, this means a good salary and full benefits: while our journalism is mission-oriented, we do it for a living and a career. This means a fair, respectful and deeply inclusive work culture. And that means we hold ourselves accountable for accomplishing our mission.

We are a black, immigrant-led news organization with a very diverse staff. The successful candidate will join a full-time team of 11 people and participate in the supervision of the Sahan Journal newsroom.

The main responsibilities include:

  • Edit daily and weekly converging news, including news, profiles, newsletters, features, social media packages, and more.
  • Perform substantive edits that take into account supply, balance, news value, insight, and fairness.
  • Line modification for readability, engagement, accuracy, legal concerns, style sheet adherence.
  • Create headlines and packaging that are effective, accurate and easy to search.
  • Help write, adapt and publish news coverage for other platforms (including social media, newsletters, etc.).
  • Collaborate with the Editorial Director on news assignments and coverage plans.
  • Work collaboratively with freelance editors and journalists.

Knowledge / experience required:

  • At least five years of leadership and management experience in an information environment.
  • Proven experience in editing stories and helping staff grow and develop as journalists.
  • Superior editorial judgment and the ability to identify great stories and respond quickly to the latest news.
  • In-depth knowledge of the reporting process and journalistic ethics and standards.
  • Proven ability to write concise, web-friendly titles.
  • Experience with editing multimedia or social media content.
  • Familiarity with social media and other engagement platforms to find sources and ideas for articles.
  • Ability to use social media tools and platforms to reach audiences and amplify impact.
  • Knowledge and experience of the changing media landscape.
  • Experience working with diverse communities and highlighting their stories.

Desired knowledge / experience:

  • Familiarity with editing in Google Docs and using the tools in Google Drive
  • Website management and publication. Familiarity with WordPress.
  • Proficiency (or competence) in the languages ​​spoken by the communities we cover (Spanish, Somali, Hmong, Karen, Oromo or other)
  • Ability to identify and conceptualize potential stories in a variety of fields (education, politics, health, arts, environment, immigration)

Salary and benefits

  • The salary range for this position starts at $ 75,000 and will be based on previous experience and skills.
  • Sahan Journal pays 100 percent of the employee’s medical and dental benefits; family members can be covered by employee contributions.
  • The Sahan Journal staff currently work mainly from home. We plan to resume weekly in-person meetings in late 2021 / early 2022.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Sahan Journal does not offer standard holidays (Eid, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.), reflecting the various preferences of our staff. Instead, this post will receive four weeks of PTO to use at its discretion.

Application process

To apply, please send a CV and cover letter, outlining your experience and what excites you in publishing and working at Sahan Journal. If you have several of the requested skills and experiences, but not all of them, apply! Send CV and cover letter to [email protected].

If you would like to discuss the position before applying, contact Michael Tortorello at [email protected]. Please put “editor” and your name in the subject line.

Deadline: Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Apply early!



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