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Interested in a job at Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook or any other company? Recruiters or applicant tracking systems receive thousands of applications for a position and will only have seconds or minutes with your submission. There are things to apply in your resume or CV that will make you stand out, get an interview and land a job. Learn resume writing tips and get tips from DJ Cabeen, a senior recruiter at Amazon who will help your resume get noticed.

How long should your resume be? DJ Cabeen says no more than two pages as it can get wordy and it can turn off the reader. However, tenured applicants with a lot of experience can go a little over two pages. Read on and learn how to tailor your resume to what hiring managers and recruiters are looking for.

Tips and Tricks for Resume Writing

Optimize your CVs for candidate tracking systems. The layout of the resume should be simple and not add too many images and colors. Keep your CV as a Microsoft Word or PDF document. Use bullets. Use an easy to read font like Caliber or Times New Roman and 11 or 12 sizes.

Recruiters look for anything you’ve been able to accomplish, so use examples and results, not just details about your day-to-day work. List your accomplishments, including the processes and effectiveness you have created in your role. What kind of money have you saved for your team or business?

Getting to know yourself can be difficult, so think about things that you would like to say to someone. Be authentic yourself, put yourself in your CV. Present yourself in a humble and confident manner, be a humble vanity.

Recruiters will stop reading your resume and move on to the next one if they see any errors. So reread your work. Also, have someone proofread them to avoid typos and misspellings.

Embed your skills into the body of each of your jobs. Doing this allows you to lose the skills section columns and get more real estate resumes.

Summary sections, when done right, can have a huge impact. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point so the reader can see what they want to see, but will be drawn into the rest of your experience so that they learn more about you.

Add lots of links. A link to your LinkedIn page, the company you worked for or for which you work. Recruiters want easy access to information and quick decision-making.

Watch the video below for more DJ Cabeen’s resume writing tips and advice and apply them to land your next gig.

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