Rep. Sessions sends letter to United Airlines requesting continued service to BCS


COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) – Congressman Pete Sessions (R – District 17) joined other Texas lawmakers in writing a letter to United Airlines asking the company to continue serving the airport in ‘Easterwood.

Sessions co-wrote the letter with Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Senator John Cornyn and two other members of Congress from Texas, urging the airline to resume flights to and from the Brazos Valley. United announced in early November that they would stop offering services to Easterwood after January 3.

“This is essential on a normal and ongoing basis for communities to provide these services,” Sessions said. “We can’t all live in huge cities, so the conversation has always been rural air service.”

He also says it’s vital for the region’s growing local economy and national security interests.

“The future of the military is here at RELLIS and it will attract top people,” Sessions said. “The ability of Brazos County to ensure that not only students but also regular relationships with businesses that need and want to do business outside of College Station will be hampered.”

The letter also points out that taxpayers in the Brazos Valley have helped fund the nearly $ 11 billion in financial assistance United Airlines received from the CARES Act. Sessions says they deserve better from airline service providers based on this fact alone.

“This money was donated by the federal government to support their service and the needs of the public,” Sessions said. “The needs of the public are directly linked to air service across the country. “

Sessions says United’s decision cuts the lanes that Brazos Valley has outside of Houston. Travelers KBTX spoke to said it’s better when they have a choice, and less choice could result in a lot less traffic while on vacation.

“I really think this is going to limit all travelers trying to get in and out here to visit relatives,” said LeeAnne Potter, a resident of Bryan. “Even for me, there are some destinations where it’s easier to go through Houston to get to where I want to go eventually. “

Sessions says we still need to find out more about United’s concerns that led to this decision, and that he and other lawmakers will stay on this issue until they hear back from the airline on their plans. objections and how they can work there. together.

“The future is going to be very bright,” Sessions said. “I think United Airlines would want to be a part of that future as well because of the heavy air traffic but also the growth patterns that are happening all over central Texas.”

“I really thought this airport was better funded by the government for all the subsidies so that our airlines could serve us here,” Potter said. “I really don’t know exactly how the story is going at the moment as to why United are playing the way they are.”

United said in a statement shortly after its announcement in early November that it was ending service at Bryan-College Station due to “the long-term sustainability of this particular route.” Sessions says he has not yet had a conversation with United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby since the letter was sent out last week, but he expects the airline to be prepared to have these. discussions over the next two weeks.

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