Queen’s helicopter trip to Sandringham sparks speculation


The Queen is said to have traveled to Sandringham by helicopter to “oversee” Christmas preparations, although the trip has sparked health speculation among fans.

The Queen’s health has been the subject of much speculation in recent weeks, since Buckingham Palace announced that she had spent a night in hospital for “preliminary inquiries”. Since then, Her Majesty has reportedly been in “good spirits” at Windsor Castle, as further updates revealed that she continued to perform “light office duties” and was advised to ” rest”. Although this unfortunately meant that she had to withdraw from the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, which was attended by several members of the royal family in her place.

The Queen’s speech at COP26 saw her declare that she “couldn’t be prouder” of her son Prince Charles and grandson Prince Charles and it was the last time fans had glimpsed the monarch in recent days. But now it looks like she’s decided to change her scenery, as the Queen is reported to have left her home in Berkshire and traveled to Sandringham in Norfolk by helicopter.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh arrive by helicopter outside the Rock of Cashel on May 20, 2011

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh arrive by helicopter outside the Rock of Cashel in Ireland on May 20, 2011.

(Image credit: Photo by Oli Scarff / Getty Images)

Her Majesty would be ‘delighted’ to return to her country house, which undoubtedly retains incredible memories for her of her late husband, Prince Philip, who lived in Sandringham after his retirement. However, amid lingering concerns about the Queen’s health and uncertainty as to when she will resume her engagements in person, some fans have remained more than a little confused about her trip to Norfolk.

Speaking to Twitter, one person speculated on why she would make the trip to Sandringham if she is still resting, writing: “I wonder why the Queen went to Sandringham by helicopter when she didn’t feel not too good?”

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Responding to a comment on how the Queen was spotted driving near Windsor Castle days earlier, the same person added that it “makes you wonder if she’s really sick?”

And someone else seemed to agree, calling the Queen’s Sandringham trip a “strange thing to do.”

“I thought so too. If I was that age and if I was sick, I wouldn’t want to fly anywhere, ”said the first person.

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However, despite health speculation sparked by Queen’s Sandringham’s trip, reports suggest her weekend is something that was long overdue and part of her Christmas preparations.

According to The Mirror, a royal source explained: ‘The Queen had hoped she could still spend the weekend at Sandringham and was delighted that her doctors had given her the green light to travel.

“Her Majesty cannot wait to welcome her family to her Norfolk home for the Christmas holidays and there is a lot of preparation to be done in time to welcome all who have been invited.”

Queen Elizabeth II attends the Christmas Day service at St Mary Magdalene Church on December 25 in Sandringham

(Image credit: Photo by Anwar Hussein / WireImage via Getty)

They then reflected on how important Sandringham was to the Queen and claimed she was determined to ‘oversee’ the party plans in person.

“The Queen has many happy memories of being at Sandringham with the family over Christmas and was a firm believer that it was much better to be there in person to oversee everything as much as possible,” the source added.

Last year the Queen opted to spend Christmas at Windsor Castle during the UK lockdown, rather than travel to Sandringham. Now, as she prepares for her first difficult Christmas since Prince Philip’s death, the Queen will no doubt be looking forward to being surrounded by friends and family in Norfolk again.


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