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Shoe making internship

Atelier Stefani is a cutting edge shoe brand that offers bespoke and handcrafted luxury footwear for women and men.

We offer an internship to a passionate and creative person who seeks to master the art of shoemaking. This opportunity gives you a one-on-one with the founder, designer and creator of Atelier Stefani. It’s a unique opportunity to learn the entire custom shoe making process from start to finish.

About the brand:

All custom shoes are designed and handcrafted in Sydney. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional customer experience with extraordinary bespoke products. In a world where globalization is erasing cultures, Atelier Stefani aims to thrive individuality, where each customer is the center of attention. The result is a synthesis of style, comfort and high quality products.


We value diversity, creativity and encourage new ideas in all areas of the company. We live and breathe our craft while rewarding dedication and hard work. We encourage our interns to explore outside of their comfort zones, think outside the box and learn new skills that will benefit their future and career.

About the role:

  • Work directly under the Atelier Stefani shoemaker for a minimum of 3 days a week
  • Shoe design – idea and design concept
  • Creation of patterns
  • Make shoes by hand from A to Z (leatherwork, stitching of the uppers, tailoring, sole)
  • Help to open a new Atelier Stefani design studio in Sydney CBD
  • The internship will start at the Manly studio and move to the CBD studio
  • Opportunity for a permanent position after a successful internship

Please note: We offer a free internship for an inexperienced candidate assess your talent and development and acquire the skills necessary to take up a paid position as a shoemaker’s assistant after successful training. The intensive course will take place at least 3 days a week over a period of 6 months, after which we will assess the potential to enter the next level.
If you have experience in shoemaking, we shorten the training period and discuss early entry into a paid position based on your level of expertise. Atelier Stefani rewards hard work and dedication and offers the opportunity to grow within the company over time.


The ideal candidate will come from a creative background, share a passion for fashion and lifestyle, be motivated and eager to learn.

You will be able to follow directions, show initiative and offer informed suggestions. While experience is not mandatory, knowledge of leatherworking will be an asset. We see opportunities in change, have high expectations and don’t settle for less than we are able to achieve. Atelier Stefani values ​​slow fashion, attention to detail, modern tradition and knowledge of the rules to effectively break them. We value authenticity above all else and need our team members to share these values ​​in order to remain true to themselves and to us.

If this sounds like you, we look forward to receiving your application with CV and cover letter or a short video from you, explaining why you are the perfect fit for Atelier Stefani. We will only communicate with successful applicants. Thank you for understanding.



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