Peter Jackson fights for the long version of the Beatles’ “Get Back”


Director peter jackson says it’s in talks with Disney and Apple about releasing an extended 2021 version The Beatles: Come Back.

He describes both companies as “reluctant”, however, in an interview with Kim Masters’ Deals podcast. “They’re saying – and they may be quite right – that there’s no longer a market for extended cuts. But I know there’s five or six hours of fantastic material that we don’t have. not included, and I don’t want it back in the vaults for 50 years,” Jackson explained. “So let’s just say it’s a conversation going on, but it’s not necessarily final at this point.”

Jackson also remembers speaking regularly with Michael Lindsay-Hogg, who directed the 1970 original. So be it film whose Come back images are derived. “He has a fantastic memory and he and I have become friends,” Jackson said, explaining that he would call Lindsay-Hogg to ask about particular shots. “And most of the time he remembered what I was talking about. … I just wanted to honor the footage that was shot.”

Jackson has already confirmed that he is in talks to do a new Beatles movie, although further details are not yet available. “I’m talking to the Beatles about another project, something very, very different from Come back,” he said Deadline. “We see what the possibilities are, but that’s another project with them. It’s not really a documentary…and that’s all I can really say.”

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