Oakwood University showcases academic excellence nationwide


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Local university showcases academic excellence nationwide.

Four students from Oakwood University are participating in the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge — the 26th time the Ambassadors have been represented in the competition between historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). The challenge brings together teams of four students from participating universities and pits them against a head-to-head competition with questions on history, science, literature, religion, math, arts, pop culture and the sports.

Beyond the series of questions, students are challenged to broaden their scope of knowledge on a wide variety of topics, while developing leadership and collaboration skills – both among themselves and with other students. other HBCUs and Challenge alumni. Additionally, Honda offers participating students seminars to help them prepare for careers and empower students, with topics such as interview tips, best practices for writing a resume, and preparing for success after graduation.

Oakwood will enter the playoff round for a chance at a spot in the April 10-12 National Championship Tournament. The elimination round will be streamed on YouTubestarting at noon on March 20.

The top prize should Oakwood win the national championship tournament – a $75,000 grant to Oakwood from Honda. The University is represented by:

  • Ricardo Reid, a senior from Oro Valley, Arizona; specialization in biochemistry
  • Hannah Makenzie Browning, a sophomore from Powder Springs, Georgia; specialization in film and television production
  • Danielle Celia Honoré, a senior from Dix ​​Hills, New York; specialization in biology
  • Garyson Yannie Mejia, a senior from Henrico, Virginia; Applied Mathematics specialty

The team is mentored by Dr. Rosland Rennae Elliot, Chair of Oakwood Communication and Fine Arts.


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