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As Jaguar fans, we have endured a comedic amount of loss and incompetence over the past 15 years. I took it in stride most of the time, but this could be my breaking point. Why on earth would Shad keep a GM whose one point on his resume inherits a talented team that won for a few years in San Francisco and are mostly hated in the league? This is the most important coaching hire the franchise is ever going to do and you’re going to severely limit the applicants who want to come here because they’re going to be attached to this guy? Please try to enlighten me in a positive way.

Many fans are upset by reports this week that Jaguars owner Shad Khan will retain general manager Trent Baalke – and that Baalke is involved in the search for a new head coach. Why did Khan take this step? I wrote on Tuesday morning: “It’s not entirely surprising that Jaguar owner Shad Khan is holding back Baalke. He’s historically patient with GMs and head coaches and believes in continuity – and Baalke had success as general manager for the San Francisco 49ers from 2011 to 2016, especially in the first three seasons of that tenure. ” And “Head coach Urban Meyer has had his say in decisions since January, making it difficult to know how much of the last offseason was Baalke and how much Meyer was. My feeling from the 2021 NFL Draft of last year was that he was very influenced by Meyer. “Although I have received a plethora of emails questioning me about the move, there is not much more to add in terms of analysis. There’s a sample size of one year here with Baalke’s drafts, and it’s hard to judge a draft class so quickly. I have spoken to Baalke several times in person about the philosophy and approach and I love his thoughts very much. I don’t know him personally enough to accurately comment on the “reports” about how he is viewed in the league. I understand that many fans are at breaking points. I sympathize with the record and because of the year they just had. I do. I really do.

Please tell me the Jaguars are NOT going after another old retread head trainer. We need a young and energetic head coach with no status quo to bring us into the new era of the NFL. Happy new year.

The search for Jaguars head coaches gained momentum on Tuesday, with at least eight candidates reported by respected media: former Indianapolis Colts / Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell, former head coach of the Jaguars. Philadelphia Eagles Doug Pederson, former New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles, former Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn, Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Nate Hackett, England Buccaneers offensive coordinator Tampa Bay Byron Leftwich, Indianapolis Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus and Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. There are no reports or sentiment of favorite and the order of the list should not be interpreted as such. We’ll have time in the next few days to analyze / discuss the roster, and I think we’ll do that as the favorites emerge. First thought on the list: It is not insignificant that Caldwell, Pederson, Bowles and Quinn have experience as a head coach at the NFL level. I’d be surprised if Khan didn’t like the idea of ​​an NFL experience at this level very much. It is also significant that the roster is roughly evenly split between coaches with offensive (Caldwell / Hackett / Leftwich / Pederson / Moore) and defensive (Quinn / Eberflus / Bowles) experience. The head coach is more about leadership and direction than offensive and defensive prowess. Regarding your question … a trainer being a “retread” is neither good nor bad. Hire the right guy regardless of your resume or reputation. Get a leader who knows the NFL and is respected by those around him. This is the best start.

Baalke’s “success” at San Fran included clashes with three separate head coaches and essentially setting up that franchise before he left. Not the kind of success we’re looking for. What a horrible decision.

So, we don’t do Baalke …

Baalke didn’t make a bad choice, so I don’t know where all the fuss is coming from. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence is pretty good – not great, running back Travis Etienne Jr. will likely be a stallion, cornerback Tyson Campbell looks good, offensive tackle Walker Little is playing well, safety Andre Cisco is making games. The problem is, we don’t have a superstar and it’s not his fault. Again.

… And one for Baalke…

I have it on the hood authority that Trent Baalke thinks Myles Jack was down.

… And authoritative fervor.

Mr. NFL from Unfortunately Jacksonville

The embarrassments of Jacksonville? Now all they need is an older coach (Caldwell) to complete this disastrous set-up. It makes sense… let’s hire someone who could craft a modern, innovative attacking game – you know, for our modern young quarterback. In conclusion, I don’t blame you for not wearing Jags gear on the road, that would be humiliating. Good luck with Caldwell out of touch.

I don’t wear “Jags gear” for home or road games, although there is nothing humiliating about it. As for hiring Caldwell as a head coach, the idea here is that he’s exactly what this organization needs: a dominant and respected presence who can lead the organization and who understands the NFL. Here’s hoping Caldwell – or someone else with those traits. It would be a good start. In conclusion, a head coach is not so much about “developing modern and innovative attacking games” as it is about being a leader and setting the tone of the organization. I don’t blame you for not knowing that. This is something you know about understanding the NFL. Not everyone does. Head held high.

You’re right John, it was a reel of NFL.com highlights of Lawrence’s best games. I wouldn’t have known because I wouldn’t watch a clip of a player’s best games if the team… oh I don’t know… had lost the game. So my question is, who decided to repost this over there after a loss to the Jaguars?

The Jaguars.com digital team made the decision. And there was nothing wrong with it. No one with the Jaguars denies the team’s record. But just because the team is losing doesn’t mean you can’t recognize good plays and performances when they happen.

My self-esteem is based on the performance of my favorite NFL team.

Enough is enough. We can start the hiring process today. Who do we need to bring in as a coach?

I have written and said often over the last few days that I love the idea of ​​a former head coach. It’s not the only path to respectability, but it would seem to suit this situation well. I also like the idea of ​​a calm and respected coach and a coach that the players can believe in and trust. I worked with Caldwell and I think he’s that kind of coach. I don’t know Pederson, but my observation from afar is that he is that kind of coach. Ditto Quinn and Bowles. That would be the start of my list.

A silver lining for the past two seasons: two of the weirdest seasons in the NFL, with COVID-19 causing all kinds of disruption – players unable to play, games rescheduled, etc. Probably not two bad seasons to be terrible and get two No. 1 picks under the belt in hopes of a better, more normal year to come.

Fair point. It would be even cooler to be good.

Howard from Homestead, Florida

I’m nervous about keeping Baalke, but something else is making me even more nervous. Every time we change direction, the new management dumps all of our highly drafted players because “that wasn’t my guy”. We cannot continue to disclose the few good prospects that we have because they were drafted by the previous regime. At least Baalke will keep these players until we know what we have. The first-round picks should last for more than a few seasons, I don’t care who drafted them.

I don’t know if it happened enough like that, but yes… the new regimes must judge the talents and decide who to retain. It’s part of the process.

Okay. I went through the annual “I’m done with it, tired of wasting my time with this team” phase. The Red Sox have broken the Bambino’s curse. We have a talented QB and maybe hire an HC with a resume for the Super Bowl. Best draft pick, new set of free agents. Something good can happen in 2022. Jags is a fan for better or for worse.



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