Nittany Lion Networking: A Review of Student-Athlete LinkedIn Pages


LinkedIn: The social media for today’s ~professionals~.

Whether you use it to make connections and research future job opportunities or just to hide with your classmates, LinkedIn can be a very useful tool. You’d be surprised how many people you know, including established professionals, colleagues, classmates, your neighbor, and even some Penn State student-athletes.

With career fair season fast approaching, there’s no better time than the present to get your page in tip-top shape. With curious minds, we tuned in to see how Penn State’s best and brightest run their LinkedIn Pages.

Sean Clifford

Since he only has one more season On the left, it made sense to take a look at Sean Clifford’s LinkedIn page before he ventured into the professional world.

From the outset, I would like to point out that he has 500+ Connections. If relationships are commonplace, Mr. Clifford can afford around 20 Nike Vapor Elite footballs.

He has a profile picture and header, plus a short and simple “About” section. For his experience section, he listed his time as a personal trainer, camp counselor, THON representative, football player, and chapter president for Uplifting Athletes. Sean Clifford is a very versatile man, folks.

His education, volunteerism, awards, and skills are also listed. Clifford lists his GPA, which is a neat 3.30. It also lists “college football” as a skill. Not false.

Overall, it’s a solid LinkedIn page.

Jahan Dotson

Despite being busy preparing for the NFL Draft, former wide receiver Jahan Dotson has had a crazy career at Penn State, so it was obvious to see if his LinkedIn page matched.

Jahan lists himself as an “elite football player” in his “About” section. When you’re ranked No. 2 in your program for receiving touchdowns and hold a record for most receiving yards in a single game, we think “elite-level football player” is a more than reasonable claim. .

It lists his education, volunteer experience and skills. Specifically, he mentions five specific courses he took as a student: COMM 110, COMM 180, COMM 280, COMM 380 and COMM 489W.

Drew Hildebrandt

I would like to give the recent Penn State Wrestling Transfer the credit it deserves. I personally asked each of these student-athletes to join my network, and only Mr. Hildebrandt accepted at the time of this writing. Bonus points there.

It’s a good start for a LinkedIn account. Hildebrandt has an up-to-date title and profile picture, which is one of those iconic student-athlete portraits. It’s way better than other transfers, folks!

He also studied there: a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in business administration. Double hit.

Anna Camden

Penn State women’s basketball forward Anna Camden is off to a great start on LinkedIn. Instead of using her Penn State Athletics headshot, she opts for a more business casual image that features a pink blazer. Kill them, Anna.

Camden’s unique “About” section features an anecdote about her talking to people as a child, along with some mentions of her podcast. While other student-athletes have “About” sections, none are as personal and charming as Camden’s.

She also features her Instagram, a video of her talking to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, and her upbringing, skills, and organizations. Camden’s LinkedIn really shows how much she loves what she does, and for that, we give her a 10/10.

Bonus: Dawn Boylan-Allar (Drew Allar’s mother)

When the arrival No. 1-ranked quarterback prospect doesn’t just have a LinkedIn page, you get the next best thing: her mom.

Dawn Boylan-Allar’s profile is a classic LinkedIn account, folks. She has a very detailed “About” section, and her (very sleek) resume is linked, which is my favorite personal touch. She has 22 years old work experience listed, too. With Penn State sorority recruiting underway, now is a great time to mention she was an ADPi at the University of Akron.

After checking out this LinkedIn, it’s safe to say that Ms. Boylan-Allar is a certified girlboss.

Anna is a sophomore from Washington DC, but if you’re from the DMV, she’s actually from Alexandria, VA. She loves 80s and 90s rock, was born in a pink hospital in Honolulu, and has double articulation in her arms, legs, and shoulder blades. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @annae.wgn, or if you want to shout at her, you can do so at [email protected]


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