New shelling in Kharkiv kills 4 people; UN says 836,000 people fled Russian invasion


Alongside German Chancellor, Bennett pledges to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons ‘not under our watch and ever’

In remarks at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said he and Scholz met that morning to discuss the ongoing war in Ukraine, talks on Iranian nuclear in Vienna and the establishment of a new strategic partnership. .

Speaking to his German counterpart, Bennett said: “We also have a responsibility to ensure that Iran does not have nuclear weapons, and that there will be no possibility of acquiring nuclear weapons. – not under our supervision, and never”, in accordance with the opinion of Israel. long-held view of nuclear Iran as one of its greatest security threats.

“We are following the talks in Vienna with concern, and the possibility that an agreement will be signed that would allow Iran to install large-scale centrifuges within a few years is not acceptable to us.”

Regarding the war in Ukraine, Bennett voices support for civilians, but does not address military aid, requests Israel has previously refused.

“Israel stands with the Ukrainian people,” Bennett said, noting that Israel sent 100 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine on Monday and Tuesday. “We are determined to continue [supporting the Ukrainian people] and do more.

However, Bennett declined to answer questions about whether Israel would change its decision not to send military aid to Ukraine.

Israel is walking a tightrope in its policy toward Ukraine, professing support for Ukraine while working to maintain good relations with Russia, which has a military presence in Israel’s northern neighbor Syria. .

Focusing on the German-Israeli relationship, Bennett says he and Scholz are forging new partnerships, as well as thanking Scholz for insisting on their visit to Yad Vashem earlier in the day.

“I am pleased to announce that today the Chancellor and I have agreed on the establishment of a new strategic cooperation between Germany and the State of Israel,” Bennett said. “This is the format of a dialogue that will take place twice a year, on security and state issues.”

Despite Scholz’s short visit, Bennett says the Chancellor “insisted that the visit to Yad Vashem be [happen in full]. And I could see your spirit was there as well as your heart.

The German Chancellor arrived in Israel last night and will leave later today.


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