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SIDNEY — It’s probably fair to say that few people in the area even know the company, which celebrated 25 years in business in 2022, even exists.

Most would remember one of the community’s mainstay industries, The Monarch Machine Tool Company, which closed in the late 1990s after nearly 90 years in business. Monarch Lathes LP was created in 1997 from the ashes of that company when a group of investors in Cleveland purchased some of the assets for the primary purpose of selling parts to owners of Monarch-built machines.

Little did they realize then that there was more in store for this new venture.

In 1998, Harry Camp joined the company. Camp had been a service technician for the company’s predecessor for nearly 20 years and he realized that many of the quality Monarch machines used around the world would need more than the occasional part to maintain their performance. So after he was named president in 1999, under his leadership, the company began refurbishing Monarch’s precision tooling lathes to their original specifications.

Today, in the 47,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space at the north end of the original Monarch building on Oak Street, Monarch Lathes LP is reconditioning EE tool room towers and constructing new EE and the largest 614 machines for customers like Boeing, the US Navy, Batelle and Collins Aerospace and is currently sitting on a multi-million dollar order book.

For several years, Matt Albrecht, a Minnesota native who now lives in Austin, TX, used Monarch’s famous EE precision tooling lathe. In time, he became a client of Monarch Lathes LP, and as his interest in the business grew, his family’s thoughts of one day owning the business grew.

“We were very impressed with the accuracy and precision of the Monarch EE. The durability of the machine’s performance is a strong testament to its quality, and that’s why in June of this year our family purchased the company’s assets,” said Albrecht. “We are proud to carry on the American heritage of manufacturing the world’s highest quality hand power tools, right here in Sidney, Ohio.”

Camp remained chairman and, in an effort to grow the business, is looking to hire a number of people who could join the team.

“We would welcome both experienced and inexperienced people willing to learn and help us assemble the machines we refurbish. We believe our salaries and benefits are the most competitive, and because of our size, every employee can feel part of our success,” Camp said. “The business isn’t slowing down with more orders coming in every week,” Albrecht added on behalf of the family, “so by expanding our employee base, we can assure our customers that we can and will meet their needs. and at their times.”

Monarch Lathes LP continues the legacy of The Monarch Machine Tool Company. Although this behemoth machine tool builder of yesteryear has closed its doors, the quality machines it built are still recognized as the pinnacle of precision.

“We intend to continue this legacy and invite those who wish to join us on the journey to call an interview,” Albrecht concluded.

For more information about employment at Monarch Lathes LP, contact Camp at 937-492-4111, or send a resume to [email protected]

The Monarch EE precision tooling lathe continues to be the world standard for fine, repeatable precision.

The new owner of Monarch Lathes LP in Sidney, Matt Albrecht, right, examines a refurbished Monarch lathe with company president Harry Camp. The lathe the company restored to its original specifications for the US Navy is for one of the fleet’s aircraft carrier maintenance departments.


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