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NCIS Season 19 Updates: NCIS will be back on CBS with the release of Season 19 featuring both new and familiar characters. Few of the fan-favorite characters will be featured in this series yet and tear up Navy Crimes Weekly.

As two new series have been added to the cast, but the question arises as to who will return, who will be gone and who will debut in this series. The executive producer of this series Steven D. Binder has revealed that a character will surely return after the tragedy of season 18.

NCIS season 18 showed two important character releases, one that fans knew and one that came as a shocking surprise. In the middle of the season, Mario Bello who played the role of Jack Sloane bids farewell to the team and resides in Afghanistan to take over the work of his late friend. Before the start of the season, Bello announces that she will be leaving the series in the middle of the season, so her exit came as no shocking surprise.

In this show’s finale, Emily Wickersham playing the role of Agent Ellie Bishop struck fans when she told Agent Torres that she was going to infiltrate a mystery case. She organized her exit from NCIS for a cover story and said she also didn’t know when she would be back.

NCIS Season 19 Returning Characters

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After rumors spread that surrounding star and executive producer Mark Harmon would play Leroy Jethro Gibbs,

NCIS Season 19
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approved in April that the 69-year-old actor would return for season 19.

The various reports claim that Harmon will play a reduced role in the coming season. Harmon has reduced his workload and screen time like his friend OG David McCallum.

Season 18 proved tragic for Gibbs’ close friend Tobias Fornell. At the end of Episode 9, Gibbs meets Fornell in the hospital after finding his daughter with a bottle of pills.

The episode ends when the doctor reveals the news of Emily Fornell’s death. And after that episode, attention turned to Gibbs’ suspension from NCIS. Binder confirmed he will be back during a fan exchange on Twitter.

NCIS Season 19 will return in September. Until then, stay tuned for more updates ………



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