NASA Ingenuity flight delays due to Mars dust storm, to resume operations Sunday; Is he in danger?


NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter was delayed on its supposed 19th flight on Jan. 5 due to bad weather on neighboring Mars. The famous space helicopter has already reached many places on the Red Planet, revealing a lot before the Perseverance rover ventures into the unknown and collects samples of Martian rock.

NASA Ingenuity helicopter faces delayed flight

(Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/MSSS)

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter now awaits orders from home base for its next flight to the Red Planet. According to NASA, a delay in the mission was due to dust storms that formed near the region where Ingenuity’s flight is taking place, believed to pose a threat to the helicopter if it is pushed towards the mission.

The delay took NASA’s supposed January 5 mission more than two weeks, now moving to Sunday January 23 for liftoff. The mission will focus on a reconnaissance flight that will guide astronomers on the next steps for their excavations and sample collection.

Ingenuity’s mission also includes giving NASA a larger image of the Red Planet and mapping its surface using the cameras attached to the spacecraft.

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NASA’s Mars dust storm: is it a danger?

The Mars 2020 mission with Perseverance and Ingenuity faces dangers on the red planet, and it is a natural phenomenon in the region. Of course, continuing its mission will lead to dangers because astronomers do not have the full knowledge of the effects it brings to the table, unlike strong fronts or weather problems on Earth.

NASA and its Mars mission

NASA’s Mars mission is plagued with multiple delays in January, and that’s because of the many weather issues on the planet it’s currently experiencing. On the other side of Mars, the InSight lander that arrived on the planet years before the Perseverance mission also faced a delay in its missions due to a dust storm that occurred at its surface.

However, that’s not enough to decommission the spacecraft and its expedition which also delves into uncharted territory.

The world is watching InSight and Curiosity’s Mars mission closely as they bring knowledge and information about Earth’s neighbor that will explain a lot about how future missions will unfold. In addition, the information he currently holds will be key to the strategies and grips of the first human missions to the planet.

NASA originally designed the Ingenuity helicopter to perform five flights to the Red Planet alone and assist the Perseverance rover. However, he proved his abilities by making him nearly four times his expected lifespan and flying on Mars.

NASA’s mission for the Ingenuity is still ongoing and is due to resume operations within the week.

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