Mike’s Fresh Makeover Reveal has Instagram fans swooning


90 Day Fiancé star Mike Youngquist has plenty of thirsty admirers for him on Instagram. Here’s what they have to say about Mike’s new look.

Ancient 90 day fiance Star Mike Youngquist has debuted a new look on Instagram that has fans swooning over the single man after his ex-wife Natalie Mordovtseva broke up with him. Mike, 37, was going through a divorce when he met Ukrainian actress Natalie through mutual friends. Mike and Natalie, 37, were godparents to their friends Matt and Svetlana’s baby. After chatting online, Mike proposed to Natalie outside the Eiffel Tower, where they got engaged. Over the course of several seasons, fans have seen how Natalie quickly married Mike, her third husband, and eventually broke up with him.

Fans could tell that Natalie and Mike wouldn’t last even though they were a great pair. Mike wanted a quiet life in the woods while Natalie wanted to resume her modeling career now that she was in the States instead of having a “Happy forever” on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? season 6, Natalie and Mike separated. Natalie moved to Florida where she dated new men on 90 days: single life, and Mike is apparently looking for a new mate as well. In a recent episode of 90 day logsMike revealed that his mother Trish was now staying with him in the Sequim household while he was still single and had moved to Seattle.

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Perhaps it’s Michael’s current relationship status that gives his Instagram followers a free pass to flirt with him. MikeIG’s latest post is a selfie of him standing in the middle of the road, smiling at the camera with a smug expression. “Freshly cut, shaved,“Mike wrote in his Instagram caption for the post and used the hashtag”positive vibes.“Fans have asked Mike if he’s staying on Washington’s Federal Way now, but he hasn’t responded yet. Most of the other comments are from TLC viewers slamming Mike, writing, “You look refreshed and beautiful” and “Hi Beau, I love you so much. Please DM.Mike was last seen in the UK on a solo trip he documented on Instagram.

Mike took his followers with him to the British Museum and showed them the satisfying English breakfast he was feasting on. But what apparently becomes 90 day fiance fans interested in Mike, he’s the one claiming he doesn’t have a girlfriend. While Mike was rumored to be dating reality TV star Marcia Alves because of their romantic photos on his Instagram feed, he claims he never had a girlfriend, even on the 90 days: single life Says it all. However, it’s possible that Mike is still interested in getting back together with Natalie, and his own Instagram post suggests that Natalie met Mike recently. Natalie posted a video with the husky pup called Nymeria, which Natalie abandoned at Mike’s house when she dumped him.

Even the way Mike talked about Natalie and defended her when Trish called Natalie “crook” on 90 Day Planners, suggests he might still have feelings for the woman. Also, Mike and Natalie aren’t divorced yet, so the chances of them reconciling are very present. Yet Mike posts these thirst traps for his 90 day fiance fans on Instagram tell a different story that doesn’t involve Natalie. Knowing that Mike divorcing her also means she could be deported could be why Natalie is trying to stay on good terms with her ex-husband and come visit his old pet.

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Source: Mike Youngquist/Instagram, Natalie Mordovtseva/Instagram

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