Masters of Science® courses meet the specialization needs of students wishing to start their international career as experts


To initiate a social, environmental or even digital transformation, companies are looking for young graduates for an expert position capable of supporting change. MBS (Montpellier Business School) The accredited Grande Ecole de Management (AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA) offers 10 tri-disciplinary programs within its Master of Science programs to meet this international requirement and prepares students for missions in finance, marketing luxury, supply chain or Big Data.

Master of Science®: degree and areas of expertise

To know Entirely in English،, Master of Science programs provide a Internationally recognized Baccalaureate + Level 5 Diploma Demonstrate excellent training in the chosen area of ​​expertise.

At MBS, the objective of the participants is to acquire basic skills, both theoretical and practical, in order to adopt an expert position in one of the 10 majors available. It revolves around four major disciplines: finance, marketing, management and strategy. Dr. Moez Bannouri, Director of Masters Programs at MBS, explains.

For the first pillar, students have the choice of training in external financing and From fintech companyor even Responsible and sustainable financing. For more marketing-oriented profiles, MBS offers the possibility of joining their master’s programs in digital marketing or luxury marketing. Finally, in the areas of management and strategy, the majors offer in-depth lessons on Big data and artificial intelligence, Digital transformation and consulting, leading companies and Suppliers.

Context, multiculturalism and opportunities

students french and international Holders of a bachelor’s degree + level 4 diploma can apply to join Of course in 16 months. For holders of a baccalaureate + 3 diplomas, such as a BA or a license, the program is adapted to Of course in 28 months.

In both cases, students will develop their professional skills by participating throughout the course in professional certificationsSerious games and innovative educational workshops with excellent teachers, researchers, subject matter experts and students from all over the world.

In addition to developing in a multicultural environment, the training also offers Strong job guarantees Thanks to the development of professional cranes. In particular, students have the opportunity to complete a 4 to 6 month internship anywhere in the world and to professional memory At the forefront of the chosen area of ​​expertise. Added to this is access to MBS Career CenterIt brings together recruitment professionals responsible for helping students build their professional project and facilitating contact with companies.

With these levers, 93% of MBS students – all programs combined – find a job six months after graduationsays Bruno Ducasse, Managing Director of Montpellier Business School.

The private life of Mohammed bin Salman: training the actors of transformation

Regardless of major chosen, all courses include Lessons focused on environmental and societal dimensionsand include seminars to develop management skills to better support change.

The example most appreciated by the pupils is to take part in start the week, a week during which you imagine talents and build a startup that meets the environmental and societal challenges of one of Mohammed bin Salman’s 50 major partner companies.

How to register for the MBS Master of Science® program?

For all candidates at bac + 3 or bac + 4 level, the The application is submitted online In particular by providing you with a CV, a cover letter, a copy of your diplomas and an English test justifying your language level. you can find all the necessary elements for the application directly here. At the end of this first stage, an interview will complete the selection process.

Not sure which major to choose? Contact the MBS admissions team directly: [email protected]

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