MasterChef Season 11: Where Are They Now?


Season 12 of Chef is ongoing and this time all contestants are from previous seasons of the show. As the top 20 dwindles, the contestants work hard to impress the judges and move up in the competition.

But the Season 11 contestants are busy living their post-Chef Lives. Season 11 was special in that in each episode, a food legend joined the show to help judge. Since leaving the show, some have continued to grow their social following, others are making a splash with their own cookbook while others have left the world of chefs altogether.


ten Tay Westberry

After being joined by legend Jonathan Waxman who picked 5 ingredients for a mystery box challenge, Tay forgot to include plain butter and, although his dish didn’t have the worst taste, it was ultimately eliminated for not having included all the ingredients chosen by Jonathan.

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Now Tay continues to DJ and also has a vlogger and food reviewer. He continues to cook and has posted some of the work he has done on his instagram and Facebook pages.

9 Lexy Rogers

Lexy came in 9th place and was the youngest contestant of her season at 23. After being tasked with making a dish inspired by a legend from their own life, Lexy created a dish of fried chicken wings which failed to impress the legends, and she was eliminated.

After season 11, Lexy was invited back Chef Season 12: Back to Win, but unfortunately failed to acquire an apron a second time. Now she is currently writing a cookbook, Breaking bread on a budgetkeep posting recipes on her instagramand shares her life as a mother of two daughters.

8 Joseph Manglimot

Dominique Crenn joined this episode of Chef and the competitors were divided into four teams, but could only communicate with each other through a wall to prepare an identical dish. After underperforming with his partner, Joseph was eliminated although fans felt his elimination was undeserved.

After the show, Joseph resumed his work as a senior engineer at Chaniere Energy. He continues to display beautifully crafted dishes on his instagram and recently announced that its new line of Southeast Asian-inspired sauces will be launching soon.

seven Anne Hicks

Anne came in 7th place after being tasked with creating a kaiseki, a traditional Japanese multi-course dinner. Anne, Michael, and Suu made it to the bottom three, but ultimately Anne’s dish was judged the worst and she was sent home.

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After the show, Anne and Chef bestie, Autumn, hinted at a reality show featuring the two on their Instagram page called Bizarres and forks. She often posts cooking and recipe videos on her personal page and continues to offer hair and skin care services.

6 Abe Konick

Jonathan Yao, Tanya Holland, Val Cantu, and Sherry Yard joined this episode as guest judges and split the remaining 6 contestants into 2 teams, boys versus girls. Both teams are required to produce two courses with 45 minutes per course. The red team was victorious, and of the three boys downstairs, Abe was eliminated.

After Chef, Abe became an undergraduate mentor and teaching assistant in the food lab at New York University, as well as a chef instructor at Share Meals. In an interview, he told The blue cordon“[I] I am committed to helping food-insecure students develop their comfort level and skills in preparing simple, healthy meals.

5 Michael Newmann

During a mystery box challenge, participants have 75 minutes to create two dishes. They can spend as much time as they want on the first course, but if they don’t win the first round, they only have what’s left on the timer to complete the second course. Although Michael was a fan favorite and impressed the judges in previous rounds, he couldn’t pull it off and was eliminated.

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After the show, Michael continues to cook and has returned to his business as a lifestyle coach and relationship expert. In an interview with Latelyhe said he was open to doing another cooking contest show or any reality show that was offered to him because he learned a lot about himself from his time Chef.

4 Alexander Valdivia

In a two-part episode where contestants cook alongside celebrity judges, contestants only have 10 seconds after the celebrity chef finishes cooking their own dish. Suu, Autumn, and Kelsey all win each round of this challenge, leaving Alejandro to be eliminated. It’s twists like this that make Chef so fun to watch for fans.

Since Chef, Alejandro has been invited back for the final season of MasterChef: back to victory in which he took 18th place. He continues his old job as an animal trainer but has since added Private Chef to his resume.

3 Suu Khin

Suu Khin is co-finalist of Chef season 11 with her compatriot, Autumn Moretti. She brought her Burmese cuisine to the table which impressed the judges. Suu, Autumn, and Kelsey all made it to the finals for the title and prize, but ultimately Kelsey won.

After Chef, Suu is a recipe creator, food blogger, stylist and photographer. She has her own website which features traditional Burmese recipes and ingredients. Suu has consistently impressed the judges with her Burmese cuisine and Chef Cimarusti told Khin, “I feel like you are the person who could put Burmese cuisine on the map.”

2 Autumn Moretti

Autumn was a very talented chef who had never put a dish in the bottom 3 and had two best full course winners. She got along with everyone in the cast but was closest to Anne. She was the kind of chef who made Chef such a fun cooking contest to watch.

After the finale, Autumn went back to the bar and said local villain“She says she plans to return to Japan to ‘find new recipe ideas’.” She and fellow contestant and friend Anne have hinted at a reality TV spin-off and together have a collaborative Instagram called Bizarres and forks.

1 Kelsey Murphy

Kelsey Murphy was the well-deserved winner of Season 11 after impressing the judges countless times and earning the most top 3 plaques. Season 11 had the first all-female finale since Season 5, but was was the first to have 3 women competing in the final.

Since winning the show, Kelsey has started her own private event catering business. She also appears regularly on Fox and the local CBS morning show with her own cooking segments. She recently opened a food counter at Fishers Test Kitchen in Fishers, IN.

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