Los Angeles launches “The Realm Company” by Chasen Greenwood


Los Angeles can expect a new post-pandemic “performance experience” with the launch of The kingdom society by bicoastal dancer, choreographer, singer and actor Chasen Greenwood. The Realm Company will give patrons and others a taste of what’s to come when it fully launches in September, with a black box performance to original music on Sunday, July 17 at the Westside School of Ballet. The 4-7pm event is a small fundraiser with appetizers and cocktails.

The evening begins with a red carpet, step and rehearsal photos at 4 p.m., morning refreshments at the Tavern on Main with the show starting at 5 p.m. Next, Greenwood will share a brief presentation on The Realm Company, followed by other appetizers. , toasts and opportunities for donors to help support The Realm Company’s feature debut, “Realm,” which was scheduled to take place in September on Santa Monica’s “Edye” wide stage, which promises to surprise audiences. with impromptu and immersive experiences.

The preview performance on 07/17 will include several types of choreography, including Afro as well as contemporary ballet. The all-original music is composed by musical prodigy Taylor Briggs, a graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music and son of Nashville great Tim Briggs.

The Realm Company wants to share more than dance. Greenwood wants the impact of his business to be a lasting legacy that affects the way people see the world and each other. The company’s mission is to “spread light, inspiration and love” through its performances. To do this, he creates abstract works with original and reinvented stores inspired by cinema, television and theater.

For Greenwood, the performance and fundraiser scheduled for July 17 was inspired by Netflix’s dramatic thriller “Stranger Things.” He said he grew up understanding domestic violence firsthand and used fantastical visions he had as a child about a drummer boy and a demon as the basis for the choreographic story. good versus evil: “I used to dream about this and I always had a fascination with good versus evil, because often when I was afraid to grow into my situation, I I was resorting to the angels, hoping for the best and trying to be positive,” Greenwood said. “I’ve always been fascinated by this theme. I think we all have this dark side, and then we have the light side.”

Greenwood’s dancers boast some of the best local regional talent, hailing from San Diego City Ballet, Santa Fe Ballet, and Mariinsky, as well as a solid business background. Realm Company dancers are chosen primarily through its advanced dance lessons at the Westside School of Ballet, Greenwood said. He said he looks at how a dancer moves with his choreography, if he spins his creativity into it rather than a resume. “Once I saw you and you noticed that you’re picking up my movement, and you’re beautiful doing it, and you’re your own artist and you put your own spin on it as well,” he explains. . “That’s usually what inspires me to come up and offer you a contract.”

There is no hierarchy in the dance because Greenwood wanted everyone to work hard together. “Balanchine was the same way. He always said the Corps dancers danced just as hard as the soloists. And, right now, we’re all one. It’s a cast,” Greenwood said.

One of the dancers is Elise Filo, principal dancer with American Contemporary Ballet where she danced for five seasons. Filo said the environment Greenwood creates for rehearsals and performances is extraordinary. “Chasen’s charismatic energy is contagious and his artistic vision is inspiring. It’s really special to be part of this new vision of dance and art,” said Filo. “There are so many unique perspectives brought to this company and it feels like a new direction filling a void in the industry. As a choreographer and director Chasen is amazing to work with, he creates an amazing environment that allows dancers to feel free and empowered while striving to grow and improve.”

“One to Watch”

Recognized by Argonaut’s “Westsiders to Watch” in March 2022, Greenwood found himself collaborating with performing arts peers in several inventive projects throughout the pandemic, which included weekly performances at the Marley Floor on Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade. Plus a short film directed by Neutrogena, which he choreographed, and which received praise and props for commercial shorts. To keep fit and engage with other contemporary ballet professionals, Greenwood worked with adult dance students at Westside Ballet. Starting out as a submarine, he now teaches five full lessons a week. Several advanced adult ballet dancers approached him in the fall of 2019, explaining that the collaborative projects have created hope in the third wave of covid. Greenwood responded by hosting a collaborative fundraising gala in October 2021 to raise money for his next project. And then some funding angels stepped forward with the intention of helping “Realm” be born.

Featured in Dancer Magazine as “one to watch” after completing a national tour as a soloist with the State Street Ballet, Greenwood’s choreography won “Best Young Choreographer” at Regional America Southwest. He has worked with artists such as Lady GagaRichy Jackson’s choreographer and director Neal Brenan for an Xbox Super Bowl commercial.

Greenwood trained on full scholarship with Pacific Northwest Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Houston Ballet and Ballet Austin. He started his career playing with LeAnn Rimes, starred in the West Coast premiere of “Newsies” and the musical Casper (national tour). He recently worked as a choreographer for “En Avant” produced by Neutrogena studios and director Sarah John Williams-as well as a project for National Geographic with director Roger Fishman.

The kingdom society

“You arrive. You step onto the red carpet, greeted by the flashing lights of photographers as you enter the space. You sense that something bigger is about to happen. Something bigger than you and something bigger than us,” shares the vision for Greenwood’s new venture. “You sit down, the lights go out and you close your eyes enjoying this moment of pure silence. You feel the power of the silence. Then the sounds of pointe shoes surround you and the audience, as the dancers take their places . You open your eyes, see the dancers dancing telling us a story. The theatre, the drama, the romance, the laughter and the hope. This is theatre… it’s something bigger than us It’s a young man’s dream and he’s sharing his art and welcomes you to THE REALM BY CHASEN GREENWOOD Take my hand on a journey you can dream of and be anything you want to be.

According to The Realm Company’s summary, “The Realm Experience” is about exploring the combination of contemporary ballet, theatrical themes, stories, and elements such as acting, singing, acting, and fashion. “TRC” will accomplish its mission through television/film, festivals and events to foster the spirit of collaboration with other performing arts companies. TRC aims to work with local, national and international artists to reach as many people as possible.

There will be two main performance months in September 2022 and May 2023. During Years One and Two, they are planning four weekends of sold-out shows featuring 10 professional dancers.

Community involvement

During the rest of the year, the company will host community outreach shows to bring people together and celebrate community. TRC will engage in business opportunities, various entertainment festivals, which will showcase up-and-coming choreographers, other talented artists and even established companies. Five years from now, they’re planning six weekends of sold-out shows, expanding their main performance months to 20 professional dancers.

The Realm Company Preview Performance & Fundraiser takes place Sunday, July 17, 4-7 p.m., at the Westside School of Ballet, 1709 Stewart Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404. Featuring an original score, stage and rehearsal red carpet, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

The first full Realm Performance will be presented at The Broad Stage’s Edye space at the Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center, 1310 11th St, Santa Monica, CA 90401. Show dates and times TBD – Coming September 2022.


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