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Family photos provided to Cleveland police

Cory Barron’s death gets a makeover

Cory Barron’s family have never been convinced that the 22-year-old’s death was an accident.

While Cleveland police first closed the case in 2015 and a coroner initially ruled her cause of death “undetermined”, the family enlisted private investigators who continued to dig into the case.

New information from that ongoing investigation, which also involved Cleveland police, led the Lorain County Coroner to rule this week, eight years later, that Barron’s death was a homicide.

“Since Cory Barron’s death in 2014, the further investigation has been conducted by private investigators and the Cleveland Police Division,” Lorain County Coroner Dr. Frank Miller told Fox 8 in a statement. communicated. “The Lorain County Coroner was notified by Cleveland Police that Cory Barron was involved in an altercation at Progressive Field prior to his disappearance and death. In light of the additional information, his death was due to the actions or inactions of one or more other people. Cory Barron’s manner of death has been changed from undetermined to homicide.

Barron was separated from his family at a Jason Aldean concert at Progressive Field in 2014. He was last seen around 9:30 p.m. that evening and was reported missing the following day. His body was found days later in a Lorain County landfill.

While authorities initially concluded he fell into a garbage chute, private investigators said he was instead pushed into the garbage chute after an altercation.

“We don’t believe he accidentally fell into that garbage chute and died,” Dick Wrenn, a retired FBI agent, told Fox 8 last year. “We believe he had an altercation with some unknown persons and was punched in both the head and ribs and placed in the garbage chute. Our investigation has developed leads that are best investigated by a police department with the ability to obtain DNA samples from potential suspects.

Cleveland Homicide Detective Aaron Reese, who worked the case, said the investigation is continuing.

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