Khayalabantwana is looking for people to join its committee



Windmill Park Khayalabantwana-based NPO is calling on engaged members of the public to join their committee.

Khayalabantwana is a reception center that welcomes orphaned, neglected, destitute and vulnerable children. They provide psychological and nutritional support.

The center is seeking to appoint five new members of the board of directors, including the president, vice-president, secretary, assistant secretary and treasurer. Additional members are also welcome.

Please note that these positions are unpaid volunteer positions. However, a fee for performing the tasks will be paid.
Applicants must have the following attributes:
• Commitment: the candidate must be committed to the goal and objectives of the center.
• Willingness to act: the candidate must be willing to act as an ambassador of the center.
• Willingness to fulfill: the candidate must fulfill the duties and standards of conduct required by the organization.
• Understanding: the candidate must understand the issues of equality and diversity.

Interested persons must send a detailed curriculum vitae accompanied by a cover letter no later than October 25 to [email protected] and CC [email protected] Applicants should indicate why they wish to be considered for the position.

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