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Dear JT & Dale: Because I am really worried about age discrimination, I have removed from my CV all the dates that may make me look old. I’m 60, but everyone tells me I’m 40. Even so, companies require that I apply online and when I do, there is always a mandatory date that will of course tell them what is my age. How can I get around this? – Petra

VALLEY: The first thing I would tell you is not to worry about age discrimination. I know it exists and can be a big obstacle. Only 50% of hiring managers would even consider hiring someone your age. But here’s the real problem: What percentage of online applications get serious consideration by a hiring manager? 1%? 0.01%? Your real obstacle is not reaching the 50% who consider you.

JT: Also, when it comes to applying online, skipping answers usually results in your disqualification. Forget about applying online altogether. Instead, find people who work for the company and ask if they would forward your resume directly to a hiring manager. Hope you can strike up a conversation and they can fall in love with you, so when they finally tell you that HR forces you to complete the online application it won’t matter what. Stadium. I understand your concern, and it’s really unfair, but honestly people of all ages are disqualified online all the time, so the method I’m suggesting really works for all ages.

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