Jan. 6 hearings resume no later than: Committee examines Trump’s efforts to interfere in elections in Georgia and Arizona


Jamie Raskin says Trump ‘essentially’ admitted to January 6 crimes

The January 6 committee is looking to the states for its next public meeting.

The commission will meet on Tuesday for its fourth public hearing. The subject of the hearing will be Donald Trump’s efforts to personally pressure elected officials in Georgia and Arizona to interfere in the election process and reverse his defeat in their respective states.

In Georgia, lawmakers are set to pay close attention as several state officials explain how Donald Trump went above and beyond to appeal to personal loyalty and even threaten criminal prosecution as he persuaded those in the State of Peach to do his bidding.

Meanwhile, Rep. Adam Kinzinger released evidence of strong death threats he received in recent weeks in response to the panel’s work, which he said was unprecedented in his congressional career.


ICYMI: Search of Trump’s ‘friend’ at Pence was not childish talk but a coded Mafia-style threat, claims Michael Cohen

Cohen, in a video posted on the YouTube channel Meidas fingerboardanalyzed the former president’s speeches before January 6 and said: “If anyone knows how Donald Trump speaks in code, it’s me.

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Maroosha MuzaffarJune 21, 2022 6:48 a.m.


Why the Jan. 6 Committee Focuses on Trump’s Georgia Plot

The January 6 commission will meet on Tuesday for its fourth public hearing with a state firmly in sight: Georgia.

The site of a surprise victory for Joe Biden in 2020, the southern state was previously considered a stronghold and reliable source of Electoral College votes for Republican candidates, despite deep Democratic constituencies in Atlanta and some other areas. writes John Bowden.

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Trump mocks Biden again saying he’ll ‘never ride a bike’

Donald Trump has once again mocked Joe Biden, who recently fell off his bike near his vacation home in Delaware, and said “I will never, ever ride a bike”.

At the final gathering of his “America Freedom Tour”, the former president said: “I hope [Biden] recovered because, as you know, he fell off his bike. No, I’m serious. I hope he is well. Fallen from a bicycle. I make this promise to you today – I will never, ever ride a bike.

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Trump asked if he expected to be removed from ‘chained’ Mar-a-Lago

A right-wing radio host complained to Donald Trump about the January 6 committee and speculated to Mr Trump that Democrats wanted to see the ex-president jailed.

Wayne Allyn Root made the remark to Mr Trump in an interview with the ex-president for his syndicated radio show Wayne Allyn’s Root Show. His complaints centered on the recent arrest and indictment of Peter Navarro, Donald Trump’s former trade adviser, for contempt of Congress.

“When they arrest a Peter Navarro, who’s next? You?” asked Mr. Root. “Are they going to try to get you out of Mar-a-Lago in chains? This is madness!”

Graeme MassieJune 21, 2022 04:56


Kinzinger shares death threat sent to him and his family

One of two Republicans on the committee along with Congresswoman Liz Cheney, Mr Kinzinger shared a photo of the threat on Twitter.

“This threat that arrived, it was sent to my house,” the Illinois Republican said in an interview on Sunday. “We got him a few days ago, and he’s threatening to execute me, my wife and my 5-month-old child.”

Mr Kinzinger went on to say he had “never seen or had anything like it” before, despite his longstanding condemnation of former President Donald Trump.

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Poll: Most Americans Think Trump Should Face Charges on Jan. 6

ICYMI: As Donald Trump insists to his supporters that the Jan. 6 committee is subjecting him to a ‘witch hunt’, it appears most Americans disagree, with a new poll indicating that the majority believe that he should face criminal charges for the insurrection.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the Justice Department could bring such charges whether or not the committee decides to make a criminal referral, a decision its members have disagreed on in public.

Graeme MassieJune 21, 2022 03:01


Trump calls Jan. 6 crowd incredibly ‘well behaved’ hours before fourth hearing linking him to insurgency

Donald Trump called his January 6 crowd “well behaved” hours before the fourth House hearing linking him to the insurgency.

The one-term president has defended the actions of his supporters, despite more than 140 police being injured in the line of duty in the riot following his “Stop the Steal” rally.

Graeme MassieJune 21, 2022 02:31


Twitter adds warning to Greitens announcement

ICYMI: Twitter has joined Facebook in enforcing its rules against Missouri Senate candidate Eric Greitens over an ad that appears to call for the “hunting” of Republicans it considers insufficiently conservative.

But unlike Facebook, Twitter opted to place only a disclaimer on the tweet itself, while allowing the video to remain.

Learn more about the announcement of The Independents Eric Garcia:

Graeme MassieJune 21, 2022 02:02


Facebook confirms removal of Eric Greitens ad

ICYMI: A spokesperson for Facebook’s parent company, Meta, on Monday confirmed the removal of an ad posted by Eric Greitens’ Senate campaign due to the ad’s shocking images and messages.

In the ad, Mr. Greitens and a squad of heavily armed men in military-style gear enter an empty house while Mr. Greitens declares that he is “hunting” the RINOs – “Republicans in name only”.

“We have removed this video for violating our policies prohibiting violence and incitement,” a spokesperson for Meta told CNN.

Learn more about The Independents Eric Garcia:

Graeme MassieJune 21, 2022 01:07


Analysis: Five Senate races to watch in November

ICYMI: Midterms should see the Republican Party take control of the House of Representatives, but the Senate is a slightly different matter. As Eric Garcia writes, some of the GOP-chosen candidates have problems serious enough that they could lose winnable races, allowing Democrats to hold and even topple crucial states that could decide the balance of power in the upper house.

Read his full analysis below.

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