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Is your artist website now operational? The next step is to use Bandzoogle’s PDF converter tool to further promote your career and here’s how.

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As a freelance musician in 2021, you probably know that creating a myriad of ways to support your music is no easy task. But there are many ways to make money with music online, using your website. Sorting out the income sources that are right for you, and then promoting them, goes a long way in building a lasting career.

Using your website to endorse your music as well as your other offerings can establish a solid variety of ways to make money.

Let’s see some ways to use the built-in Bandzoogle module PDF converter tool to give you an idea of ​​the type of promotion you can do, using your music site to create additional support material:

1. Promote a music workshop

If you are a music teacher or an avid musician creating a resume offering lessons, create a page on your website dedicated to promoting workshops.

Maybe you are visiting local schools, music organizations or give a workshop to your fan subscribers. First, have all the details on your page: from prices and content to booking instructions. Then use this page to share your workshop details through the promotion stages, whether you are offering a course in person or online.

Once you’ve got your schedule set and want attendees to prepare ahead of time, create a one-page preview of the material you’ll be covering.

As a bonus, this page of your website can be exported as a PDF document that you can email or print. If you plan to run several slightly different workshops (date, cost, location, etc.), you can duplicate the page to reuse it as a layout, and just update the details.

Tip: Create an impression that in-person attendees can keep. They may want to take notes or save them for future reference.

2. Add information about a single person

Promote a new single? Use your artist site Create a page which serves as a one-stop-shop for anything the press, fans or promoters need to know. Once you’ve added your single details (track info, your bio and contact details, etc.), create a PDF version of the page to send – use it to grab the attention of radio hosts and other media outlets.

If you don’t have any music coming out soon, you can create PDF page versions for older albums or singles, providing behind-the-scenes information for fans who want to dig deeper into your discography.

Tip: Print these pages out as personal keepsakes, perhaps storing them with physical copies of your albums.

Add information about a single from your music websiteArtist: Doctor Payne

3. Create a downloadable version of your EPK

To help promote your music and online presence, create an EPK for your music that reflects what you’re currently developing – if you’re trying to book gigs, prepare a page that talks about your draw, recent or memorable shows, and what you’re staging this time around.

Use images create an EPK which is visually pleasing, then create a PDF version to attach to an email to educate promoters or room reservations.

Be specific. If you are addressing a small venue, mention similar places you have performed in the past and how the show was received.

If you’re a cover band or a band trying to book weddings or corporate events, create a page that highlights your experience and provides a sample songlist. You can even add package details or prices on this page.

Tip: choose one of four predefined EPK templates depending on your current musical goal. Then fill in the content and check how it looks as a PDF document before attaching the page.

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4. Make a poster for an upcoming show

Need to create an online event that gives your audience all the details they need to see your show? Whether you’re playing live or hosting events online, try using the Image & Text feature to create a quick and easy poster that you can email.

If graphics aren’t your thing, experiment with typography – use different text sizes to create a simple poster that fills in all the details. You can use the poster for a live show, a streaming performance, or as something to send quickly to your fans and subscribers in addition to a text email.

Tip: Set your image to full width or let text cover your image for a modern look.

5. Create a press release

Write a press release to accompany an upcoming album, single, or career highlight. You can leave this information live on your website on a hidden page, or you can create a PDF file to then send to media contacts to encourage media coverage. With design and layout options integrated into your website template, you can make sure that the press release matches your overall branding. You can also create a professional layout with images and text if you want.

Tip: Be sure to add a link to your website so the recipient of your press release file can go there to explore further.

Create a PDF press release to promote your musicArtist: Pascale leblanc

You can find the option to export your page as PDF under Page Settings> Export as PDF, on any page. If you haven’t tried creating PDF versions of your website pages yet, check it out! It’s a simple way to help your promotional efforts by using the content you already have on hand and ultimately earn more money of your music.



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