How to search for a job in the modern market


Finding a job is never easy. It is also a kind of skill that must be mastered. How to present yourself as a promising employee? How to show your key skills and achievements in the first interview? How to get a coveted position? These questions hamper modern students who want to start working while studying in college.

If you think you have to be an unparalleled expert to land a job, you’re wrong. Sometimes even the best specialists find themselves in the middle of nowhere and fail to secure a decent position. Why? They choose the wrong strategy.

When looking for a job, a lot depends on the position the candidate is looking for. A CEO, an IT person and a secretary must act differently when looking for employers. What type of candidate are you? Determine this and develop the most effective job search strategy. Using a professional CV creation service on Skillhub is the next step to success. Indeed, why not contact an expert in career advice and make sure that your CV is written by a real professional?

Where to start?

First, remember that your future job is exactly what will occupy at least a third of your schedule. So, before you start a job search, try to answer these questions:

  • What would I like to do?
  • What work experience do I have?
  • How much do I want to earn?
  • Am I ready to change my place of residence to develop professionally?

If you find all of this difficult, check out job postings online. This way, you will know what is offered on the market, what professions are in demand and what requirements recruiters are putting forward.

Compose a decent CV

This step is perhaps one of the most complicated. To write a winning CV, one must not only have enough qualifications and experience, but also understand CV writing methods. The best way is to get professional help CVService24 to ensure that your application is accepted by the resume scanning software and reaches the recruiter or hiring manager. This way, you can get more interviews and rank higher among other applicants.

Systematize information

If your experience is diverse and you want to apply for different positions, compose a different CV for each vacant position. There you should highlight the relevant skills and achievements.

Remember that no applicant tracking system will notice your resume if it doesn’t match the job. For the ATS system to give you a higher ranking in the candidate list, you need to write a resume that beats the bots. For this, you will also need to systematize all the information you have.

It is recommended to make three separate lists.

  1. Companies that interest you.
  2. Useful contacts. These can be recruiters, hiring managers, other job seekers, colleagues or friends who can represent you in the company. Remember that 80% of people find jobs through referrals.
  3. Vacancies you come across in open career resources. These are company websites, job portals and information from colleagues.

When the lists are composed, open a resume and adjust it for each vacancy. Review each of the vacancy requirements and indicate the corresponding skills in your application.

Where to look for jobs?

How to search for a job in the modern market

If you’re determined to enter the job market, be prepared to work hard and methodically. Use the maximum available recruitment channels; Start the day by checking notifications and replies.

Social networks

Of course, no one would be surprised that people get jobs through various social media platforms. Yes, you can use Instagram not only to post vacation photos and watch cute cat videos. Even this platform provides opportunities for job seekers.

However, there is a platform initially intended for career development. Of course, it’s LinkedIn. This source has long been a go-to place for recruitment firms for more than just finding employees. It’s a place where companies promote their employer brand to attract, recruit and retain the best.

If you want to increase your visibility in the market, optimize your LinkedIn profile. Show off your achievements, projects, hobbies and qualifications. Share your thoughts with the community. Then you will gain the attention of big companies and can easily land an interview.

Company websites

Do you remember the previous recommendation to compile a list of companies? You will need it for the next stage of your job search. Bookmark career sections on their websites, sign up for mailing lists, and be sure to check jobs regularly. Don’t forget to send them your CV along with a cover letter.

Professional events and professional networking

Nowadays, it is popular to organize events aimed at bringing together people with common professional interests. Why not start dating some of them? These are not only an opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge, but also to engage with people who are looking to hire someone.

To make these events even more productive for you, consider the following preparation steps:

  • preview the list of guests and keynote speakers;
  • put personal business cards in your pocket and be sure to exchange them during the meeting;
  • think about questions and topics that interest you;
  • practice a short self-introduction to demonstrate how you can be useful as a professional;
  • speak enthusiastically about your business;
  • establish contacts on social networks after the event and continue online communication.

Profile groups

How to search for a job in the modern market

This job search source takes a lot of time and effort. In addition, it does not always meet expectations. Nevertheless, some people manage to find their dream job through profile groups. So, if you like communicating on social networks, it’s worth a try.

Company representatives are often present in large profile groups. There you can discuss cases, share experiences and help newcomers. Thus, the chances of you being noticed and invited for an interview are quite high.

Last words

To increase your chances of getting a job, you should use all available sources. Do not rely exclusively on social networks or recommendations from friends. You are the only person investing in your career, so don’t miss a chance. Remember: he who seeks always finds.


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