How to make your video resume stand out to land that job


New Delhi, India: Adding a video resume to your text resume enhances your application. Although it is not compulsory to submit a video CV with your application, it is advantageous in certain cases, for example for television journalists, news presenters, public relations professionals, radio jockeys, actors , teachers, soft skills trainers and the front office. frames.

The reason for this is that a video CV offers companies additional information such as the communication and presentation skills of the candidate, which helps in making better decisions. The video resume should be brief and aimed to inform the company of the candidate’s specific abilities and experiences that match the company’s expectations.

A candidate can build a general video resume or a particular video resume, depending on the position they are applying for. If a candidate has acquired various talents, they can create several video CVs and must use a different video CV for each application.

To create a video resume, a candidate must first write a script. The script must be adapted to the specifications of the employer. For example, if an employer is looking for a UI/UX designer, for example, the script should emphasize the talents and experiences of the UI/UX designer. If the company is looking for someone with both product design and UI/UX experience, the candidate should highlight both. Before writing the script for the video resume, the candidate should have a clear understanding of the stated duties and responsibilities.

For example, if the company is looking for a Digital Media Marketing Manager, the candidate should first analyze whether he is qualified for the position because it is often noticed that candidates apply for jobs for which they are not qualified. . Even less experienced candidates should have acquired certain skills relevant to the requirements of the position.

When you’ve finished writing your script, be ready to make a professional video. For starters, you should dress professionally. When making a video resume, it’s best to dress up. Hire a professional cameraman, use a microphone for audio, make sure the lighting is good and the background is neat and professional.

The applicant’s face should be well lit, with light over only half of the face avoided. Keep in mind that a poorly produced video resume can cause companies to draw a negative conclusion. While recording your video, be relaxed and carefree; you have to project confidence. Look through the camera lenses while recording. The camera should be placed at the same level as your eyes.

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A skilled video CV producer edits the video clips to ensure that no lines are repeated or there is no background noise. The editor uses several professional virtual backgrounds to give the video a professional touch if the CV was shot on a green or blue background.

Most online teaching platforms require a two to three minute video demonstration by the teacher. This is to assess the ability of teachers to communicate and provide information. You should write a decent script and practice in front of a mirror several times before heading to a final recording for these purposes.

Although contestants attempt to record the video themselves, it is recommended that they hire a professional cameraman or use the best lighting and camera setup possible. If you’re going to record your video summary or introductory video lesson, make sure you have a professional camera, a collar microphone, and excellent three-point lighting. All this equipment is easily accessible through e-commerce platforms.

The video replay should preferably not exceed 90 seconds. The Teaching Platforms opening video is 120-180 seconds long. When you’re done making your video resume or your first video lesson, ask your peers for feedback. To make your video flawless, you need to embed valuable information. If it’s a professional video resume, show it only to potential employers. Always provide a text or printed copy of your resume with your video resume.

A video CV is a complement. Don’t include new skills or experiences that aren’t already listed on your text resume. A polished video resume can increase your chances of getting a phone interview.


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