How Indianapolis’ New Chase Community Managers Can Help You on Your Financial Journey


Have you ever worked with your local bank branch team, virtually or in person? From opening a bank account or line of credit to exploring mortgage financing options and small business loans, your new community manager at your local Chase branch at 3501 Lafayette Rd. Is there. listen to the financial well-being needs of your community and ready to help you reach your next step.
Carletta Clark, one of the 150 community managers we recruit from across the country, has joined our team specifically to work with you and your community to increase awareness and access to resources, tools and tools. financial health and services. Community Managers are often from local neighborhoods who understand the challenges your community faces and are committed to helping you forge a strong financial future at any stage of your financial journey. With the help of local nonprofit partners who invest in driving change for black communities in Indianapolis, we’re bringing more allies to your local bank branch who share Chase’s goal of empowering you to ‘improve and achieve financial health.
The Indianapolis Recorder spoke with your new local Community Manager Carletta Clark to discuss our plans to help black communities in Indianapolis grow, the changes our new branch is expected to make and how you can work with them. it to chart your course and meet your financial goals.
Indianapolis Recorder:
How does your job differ from that of other Chase Bank branch managers?

Carletta Clark: My role was designed specifically to meet the unique financial well-being needs of the Black community in our city. We want to move from community banking to community development and to do so, we actively work to reverse systemic inequalities in the financial system, remove economic barriers and support the success of our clients and our community. We plan to start by giving you access to financial health resources, tools and allies to help you reach your financial goals. Think of a community manager as a neighbor who understands intentional relationship building, the financial needs of leaders, organizations, and people in your community – and introduces you to the right person in the bank who can help you. Meanwhile, a branch manager is a more traditional role created to help you with day-to-day banking needs, like opening a bank account or providing advice on homeownership and small business growth.

Indianapolis Recorder:
How do you hope to financially empower the black community?

Carletta Clark: We’re here to empower members and businesses of the Black community with the tools to build generational wealth and a lasting legacy. Awareness and accessibility are essential, and we see the local branch as a great place to start fostering vital community connections and points of contact to help our clients achieve their financial goals. As a Community Manager, my job is to connect with individuals, families and business owners here in Indianapolis and increase awareness and use of available resources. My team and I will help you and others in your neighborhood benefit from financial health tools, products and services, while aiming to improve your general financial literacy through unique and free interactive programs, such as :
Resources to support financial health
Home buying tips
Educational and enriching workshops such as resume writing and cybersecurity advice
Growth support for entrepreneurs starting or expanding their small business

As we are just getting started, I hope to make a real difference in the lives of families, individuals, home owners and business owners in our community.

Indianapolis Recorder:
What financial opportunities will you make available to black communities here?

Carletta Clark: We want to promote financial health, home ownership and black-owned businesses.
One of our priorities will be helping people in our community to open a checking account for the first time, as this is the key to financial stability and essential for filling the gaps in access to banking services. We will do this by reviewing our low-cost, overdraft-free checking accounts like Chase Secure Banking, which can provide security for those who may be new to banking or have had difficulty obtaining or maintaining an account. banking in the past. .

My team is also responsible for promoting the growth of black-owned small businesses, which means we will help local entrepreneurs get loans. We have also recruited Home Loan Advisors who are working to help more of the community secure the funds needed for an affordable and sustainable home.

Indianapolis Recorder:
You mentioned that another goal of the Community Impact Branch is
building. ”What does this mean and how will you do it in Indianapolis?

Carletta Clark: A high priority for us is to work with nonprofits and local organizations that understand and are committed to driving change. Currently, we are working with organizations like Ivy Tech Entrepreneurship Program, SOURCE Entrepreneurship Center, SHE Event, INHP ​​(Indianapolis Homeownership Partnership), Center for Leadership and Development and Indianapolis Urban League. They each emphasize our core principles in striving to provide resources and education to our local community, and have the data to support the positive impact they are having on the community.
Our staff will also play a big role in this regard – not just for Indianapolis, but from, and a reflection of, the local black communities that we call our home. I have lived in Indianapolis for over 20 years and have a passion for helping people like me succeed! Serving this community isn’t just a job, it’s a passion.
Stop by to learn more about the resources available. My team and I are eager to meet you.

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