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BLACKSBURG, VA – There is a friendly reminder, Virginia Tech athletic director Whit Babcock likes to mark any press conference he has following a coach change, strictly targeting rumors and leaks that must come in his subsequent search.

Don’t believe everything you hear.

Babcock’s research so far has been like all of his coaching research: quiet. Just the way he likes it. That’s why he keeps a close circle that is in the know. And that is why he is warning everyone not to take to heart all the rumors that circulate during the research.

“It’s a reminder to our fans that every leak has a motive,” Babcock said last week after announcing Justin Fuente’s departure, noting that he will have no public comment until the new coach be hired.

Remember, it was an AD who made the hiring of Buzz Williams on the Hokies fanbase come out of nowhere and went so far as to set up a secret meeting between Fuente and Bud Foster to assess their compatibility last. once he rented a football, with even Foster not sure where he was going until mid-flight. Guess your flight following skills aren’t going to solve this case.

That’s not to say Babcock hasn’t given a glimpse of what kind of coach he’d like to hire. He listed a number of characteristics last week that he will be looking for in the next head coach, so when looking for who Tech might hire to replace him, keep these questions in mind:

Is he already a head coach?

Babcock has a preference for coaches who have been in charge before.


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