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LOSS Eternal Horde mode features a new activity that mixes objective and survival gameplay for various rewards. Horde mode is a turn-based mode where the goal is to get the highest score. This new addition is a free DLC activity, and anyone can download Eternal DOOM with an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

DOOM Eternal Horde mode records at the start of a mission. Players who exit Horde mode will resume from the start of the mission the next time they load the save file. On the other hand, dying only restarts the start of the current turn. Horde mode offers four different types of towers, namely arena, blitz, traverse and bonus. For an optimal experience, novice players Eternal DOOM should definitely play through the main story and The old gods DLC before checking out Horde. While Eternal DOOM Horde has a tutorial, it is intended for end-game content for players who have already experienced much of what Eternal DOOM has to offer.

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Arena rounds in DOOM Eternal Horde is aligned with traditional combat situations, while traverse and blitz rounds are timed rounds that rely on Doom Guy’s ability to get things done with great haste. Lightning rounds are intimidating, even with hordes of lower difficulty, as players must defeat their enemies in no time. Crossing rounds require Doom Guy to go through an obstacle course, and he can get more multipliers by collecting coins during the crossing round. However, if you do not complete the crossing or blitz rounds, players will not be able to participate in the bonus rounds. Bonus rounds have varying objectives, but they always reward significant score gain. Additionally, the final score can be increased with the Assault Multiplier, the score increases that come from power-ups.

Doom Eternal Horde tips

cursed enemies of the eternal horde mode

Time is everything in DOOM Eternal Horde mode. The faster everything is defeated, the higher the score multiplier will be at the end of the mission. Defeating the Bounty Demons ASAP guarantees that Gold Points will be earned. Bounty demons are on a timer in arena towers, and the longer they are alive the more their score depreciates from gold to silver to bronze. Defeating the Bounty Demons will also grant a bigger bonus if they are all eliminated quickly, such as a 3 life or a 4x point multiplier. Additionally, not using extra lives at the end of a mission will award another score multiplier.

Before starting an arena tour, be sure to explore the Horde map. Knowing where armor, health, ammo, and other items are located will help get Doom Guy out of tough situations in Eternal DOOM‘s Horde. Even in the easiest difficulties, Horde mode can very easily get overwhelming if players have no idea where they are going. Exploring the map also gives players the opportunity to learn where choke points are located, making it easier to use Doom Guy’s full arsenal.

Spare no expense by using Doom Guy’s full arsenal at all times, but don’t use weapons and equipment recklessly as resources are limited. Especially for the more difficult Horde modes, often using the flamethrower to help collect Doom Guy’s shields is invaluable. It’s a great idea to use this weapon whenever there is a party of two or more enemies. Then, as players become more familiar with the layout of the maps and how they can group enemies, more tactical use of the flamethrower can be applied. In addition, the grouping of many enemies in Eternal DOOM Horde and using the ice bomb to freeze them is the perfect game to use the flamethrower then chain gun or shotgun shells to explode.

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Frequent use of the Codex achieves a few crucial goals for players who want to perform well in DOOM Eternal Horde mode. Above all, the Codex is a perfect resource for learning or reviewing the weaknesses of the enemy. Since many objectives involve rushed annihilation to get the most out of score multipliers, knowing the enemy’s weaknesses is important to reduce the time it takes to complete each objective. Horde mode is really all about being able to navigate a close assault effectively, so the Codex becomes a vital resource in the event that someone doesn’t know a particular enemy, possibly because they’re not playing. DOOM ETERNAL Ancient gods DLC. Horde mode can be interrupted at any time to review the Codex.

Doom Eternal Horde Rewards

Doom Eternal Doomguy Key art

Do not claim the weapon reward immediately after completing a turn in DOOM Eternal Horde. Instead, look around the map for anything that hasn’t been picked up yet, like shields, health, and ammo. Catch them, because Doom Guy will not return to this location and the items will disappear without being used. It’s an easy way to save on using some materials for the next round while still starting things fresh.

Stage rewards are awarded when players complete specific objectives that follow overtime in DOOM Eternal Horde. In addition to the milestone rewards, there are two series of progressive rewards which are unlocked by accumulating points over time. The first set of rewards is unlocked every 45,000 points earned, and the second set of rewards are unlocked every 75,000 points.

These are the various milestones and their rewards, which do not include Eternal DOOM skins disclosed by dataminers:

  • Let’s play: Deluxe Baby Slayer icon and Deluxe Kill Counter title
  • A fit of rage: Special Edition Tutorial Slayer skin
  • Reinventing the wheel of arms: Deluxe DoomGuy-in-the-Box icon and Deluxe Company Man title
  • Lord of Arms: Special Edition Arcade Slayer skin
  • Game over: Bad Bidet Luxury Icon, Impending Doom Luxury Icon, and The Summoner Luxury Title
  • Kill the screen: special edition of the Golden Bounty Lord skin
  • Maximum credits: LAN Party Special Edition Podium and Deluxe Screen Slayer Icon
  • Against the watch: Deluxe tongue attached
  • Score attack: Deluxe Tricky Devil icon and Deluxe Axecutioner title
  • Skill shooting: Ebony Praetor Special Edition Skin, Ebony Praetor Special Edition Icon and Ebony Special Edition Title
  • Jackpot: Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 special edition podium and Multifaceted deluxe title
  • Playing with power: Deluxe Daisy Slayer icon
  • Assault machine: Luxury Holographic Icon and Y’all Respawn Now, Y’Hear? icon
  • No more murderous madness: special edition Ivory Preator skin, special edition Ivory Preator icon and special edition Ivory title
  • Score-cerer: Special Edition Scarlet Preator skin, Special Edition Scarlet Preator icon and Special Edition Scarlet title
  • Rich get richer: Special Edition Lux weapon skin and Special Edition Murder Tycoon Icon
  • Bajillionaire: Lux Slayer special edition skin and Fancy Pants special edition title

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Eternal DOOM is available on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, PC, Xbox X / S, and Xbox One.

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