Here are the top questions candidates are asking on Google about remote work right now


It’s an interesting time for the job search – and employees are looking for all the help they can get to navigate the market.

The University of the Potomac recently analyzed Google Trends data and found that the number of people searching for “remote jobs hiring immediately” increased by 262%, compared to the same search period from 2021, this which suggests that the number of job hunt candidates is at an all-time high.

Simultaneously, searches for “work when you want remote jobs” increased by 556%, and searches for “remote jobs” increased by 85%, according to the university. It’s no surprise that the workforce is looking for something better: at least 4.5 million Americans left their jobs in March 2022 in search of better perks, perks and culture, all while inflation soared to 8.6%.

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In this unpredictable, competitive and unprecedented market, job seekers are unsure how to approach new opportunities and are seeking information on everything from what to wear to a virtual interview, to preparing and writing. of a resume that stands out.

“One of the many advantages of remote jobs is that you’re not limited by your local job market,” Elise Alva, director of career services at the University of the Potomac, said in a statement. “As soon as you start looking for remote jobs, doors open up to you that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.”

Here are the top nine questions job candidates are asking themselves right now, and Alva has some answers and expert advice for them:


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