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The Government Cyber ​​Security Strategy (GCSS) was launched in January 2022, outlining the vision to ensure that essential government functions are resilient to cyber attacks, strengthening the UK as a sovereign nation and consolidating its authority as a democratic cyber power and responsible.

Expressions of Interest (EoI) are now invited to become a member of the Government Cyber ​​Security Advisory Board (GCSAB), which will build on the success of the external challenge group that brought in insights from industry and academia to support the development of the GCSS.

The GCSAB will be a body composed of independent external experts to build better links between government, the private sector and academia. It will provide independent insights and input from industry and academia experts to deliver solutions to government cybersecurity challenges, through rigorous challenges and the promotion of best practices across government. .

The objectives of the GCSAB will be to:

  • help the government stay on track to achieve the GCSS goal of ensuring that all government organizations across the public sector are resilient to known vulnerabilities and methods of attack by 2030
  • contribute to the long-term improvement of government cybersecurity by providing advice, expertise and guidance and, as needed, additional program resources
  • bring depth and experience across multiple fields with a diversity of perspectives to enhance policy-making by providing solutions to particular issues and challenges
  • identify solutions and proposals on how to achieve the 24 GCSS outcomes
  • ensure that the government leverages industry expertise to achieve the goals of the strategy

Membership conditions


The Government Cybersecurity Advisory Council will bring together individual cybersecurity experts from industry and academia. We are not looking for expressions of interest from organizations, although we welcome applicants who can benefit from the knowledge and experience coming from their organizations themselves.

Applicants should have specific professional cybersecurity expertise, skills or knowledge in areas covered by the GCSS, including:

  • cybersecurity strategy, standards and assurance
  • governance, risks and management
  • program delivery
  • cyber detection and response
  • Technology
  • e-skills and culture

The GCSAB will meet once every two months, with the exception of August, virtually, but there may be requirements to attend in person in London.


HMG embraces and values ​​diversity in all its forms. We welcome and are proud of the positive impact of diversity on the work we do, and we promote equal opportunity throughout the organization. We therefore encourage applications from the widest range of qualified groups.

Selection process

Applicants should submit a cover letter (1000 words maximum) to [email protected]

In the cover letter, applicants should outline their reasons for applying to the Government Advisory Council on Cybersecurity, their suitability for membership, and how they meet the requirements outlined in the Eligibility section.

The deadline for receipt of applications is June 6, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

Applications and any questions regarding this process should be sent to [email protected].

Next steps

Following the EoI campaign, we will determine membership while ensuring that membership is representative of the diversity of the UK.

We will publish the result of the EoI campaign as soon as possible and in any case before the first meeting of the Government Advisory Council on Cybersecurity.


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