Golden State Warriors youth are the cream of the NBA


The Golden State Warriors don’t just have a core of recognized, championship-worthy players.

They also have arguably the most promising group of young players in the NBA.

Of course, the Warriors’ youth doesn’t have the sample size or resume of some of the league’s other rising stars. This is partly due to their reserve status in their own team.

The potential this group has shown, however, is on par with any young basketball core.

The Golden State Warriors can rest assured that they pressed all the right buttons in the NBA Draft to position themselves for longevity.

We’ll start with the best player in the group, so far.

Jordan Poole far exceeded his expectations going into the draft. A late first-round pick, it would be a disservice to dismiss the incredible developments Poole has brought to his game over the past two seasons.

Even the most optimistic fans wondered if Poole would ever become this good. But, his dazzling dribbling moves and prolific scoring led him to 17.0 points per playoff game as Golden State added another banner to its collection.

Brewing below the surface is a future All-Star caliber player in Jonathan Kuminga. The 19-year-old is about a month younger than the NBA’s last No. 1 pick, Paolo Banchero, and has already accumulated two years of experience against professional competition in the G-League and at the highest level as a than NBA. champion.

Kuminga is a raw prospect but has shown the makings of a versatile striker who can make winning plays at both ends of the court.

Likewise, Moses Moody showed the same. If Kuminga is a two-way slasher, Moody is the 3 and D perimeter player the Dubs will use for years to come.

James Wiseman’s future is a bit more uncertain. He can thrive as a rim runner for Golden State, but injury issues and a general lack of experience have limited him thus far. In due time, Wiseman can be the anchor of Golden State’s defense.

And now Patrick Baldwin Jr. joins the mix.

The 6’9″ striker has the tools to fit right in with the rest of the very capable young core. He was once the best high school player in the country and if he can put it all together, you have a long, elite wing defender in front of you who can shoot the lights from long range.

With these many promising young players, the Warriors are in a position to compete for another decade.


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