Global Development Awards Competition – Japan’s Most Innovative Development Project (MIDP) Award 2022 Edition



Contest theme

The Global Development Network (GDN) invites non-profit non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society organizations (CSOs) from low- and middle-income countries to submit applications for Japan’s Most Outstanding Development Project Award. innovation (MIDP) under the theme “Post-COVID-19 Governance – Learning from difficult circumstances to build better governance systems‘.

The reward

Japan’s Most Innovative Development Project Award is a competitive grant scheme under the umbrella of the Global Development Awards competition, administered by the GDN, funded by the Policy and Human Resource Development (PHRD) Trust Fund managed by the World Bank, and generously supported by the Ministry of Finance, Government of Japan. The awards program invites non-profit NGOs and CSOs to submit project proposals supporting (in particular) improved service delivery and innovative approaches that can be scaled up with a grant. The award targets projects that are currently in the implementation stage and have high potential for impact targeting exceptionally marginalized and disadvantaged groups located in developing countries – as recognized by the World Bank as low-income countries and intermediate.

The winning projects will receive grants worth 125,000 US dollars. The prizes will be awarded to organizations whose projects embody an innovative approach to an important development need and are the most promising for:

  1. respond directly to the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable and underserved groups to improve their lives with a view to achieving rapid results to improve their livelihoods;
  2. support initiatives that lead to the development of sustainable results through scaling up the project.

The first two winners of each theme will receive a grant of $50,000 each. The second prize will receive a scholarship of $20,000. Additionally, awardees will be paired with a technical advisor throughout grant implementation.

The deadline for submitting applications is fixed at Jan 6, 2023 (India Standard Time 6:00 a.m. PM)

Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF) Award

The JSDF award focuses on piloting socially innovative development projects that have been identified as having potential for development impact and replicability through the MIDP award. The objective of the JSDF award is to support community-oriented development and poverty reduction programs that serve to improve productivity, increase access to social and community services and infrastructure, and improve the living conditions of poor and vulnerable groups in eligible countries.

The two first prize winners will compete for the JSDF award after a minimum of 12 months of implementation of their MIDP grant. GDN will consider the suitability of proposals for a much larger grant of up to $200,000 under the Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF) administered by the World Bank.

Connector grant

The 2022 edition will introduce the Connector grant which aims to stimulate international cooperation through the development of collaborative projects to support scaling efforts with research-based evidence. The Connector grant will be awarded to ORD grantees, based on a project developed in collaboration with MIDP grantees who have received the JSDF grant. This grant will support the awardees’ collaborative efforts to measure and analyze the impact of scaling, as well as build the robustness of their M&E activities.

Finalists must be available for the communication training and the VIRTUAL event for the presentation of their projects to the jury in April.

How to register

  1. How to register

See our website for more information on how to interact with the platform or contact us if you need help.

Follow the steps given below:

Prepare your application

Non-profit status – Obtain an official document attesting to the registration of your non-profit NGO/CSO. If the document is not available in English, please provide a translation (uncertified is acceptable).

Possibility of receiving funds from abroad – Obtain an official document showing that your organization is legally able to receive funds from abroad according to your national legal framework (for example, if in India, the organization must be registered and FCRA compliant)

Submit your application on the online application form

Follow the dedicated GDN online submission platform using the following link:

Register or log in to the platform to access your profile. You will receive an email confirming successful registration of your profile and setting your password. Only after verifying your profile can you submit an application.

On your profile page, follow the instructions displayed and navigate to [Applications] “Funding opportunities” to select the call you wish to apply to or resume one from the [Applications] “In Progress” section.

  1. You must pass the automated test Eligibility examination before gaining access to Full proposal. If you fail, you will not be able to submit an application, but contact GDN if you have any problems.
  2. A collaborator must accept and complete his collaborator form which can be found at [Collaboration Forms and Applications] “Action Required” before being fulfilled. Subsequently, he will have access to the proposal to which he is associated and will be able to make changes and even submit it. This application will not be [Collaboration Forms and Applications] “Apps”
  3. Please note that you can resume your registration at any time until the deadline. If there are duplicate entries, the most recent will be considered as only one entry per applicant is permitted.

You will be asked to provide proposal details and you must invite your team members by placing their name and email address in the “Collaborators” tab. Don’t forget to tap “Invite” and check if people have accepted by checking their status on this tab.

Upload all necessary documents and complete all sections, otherwise your application will not be submitted.

Once your application is complete, click “Submit”. You will receive an email notifying you of the successful submission of your application along with a copy of the complete submission.

contact us if you need help.


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