Drake Maverick confirms his new WWE role


Reports emerged last night (February 22) that WWE had signed James “Drake Maverick” Curtin for the third time. Today, Curtin confirmed he was working as a member of the creative team for the company that twice released him as a wrestler.

From his LinkedIn (via Fighter), where the last resume entry is “Full Time WWE Writer/Productor”:

I’m happy to report that towards the end of 2021, I accepted the wonderful offer to join WWE’s Creative Writing Team as a Writer/Producer.

Some of my last in-ring appearances for WWE were rightfully in the UK. The last appearance on this tour was in my home town of Birmingham, UK where it all started. My parents had seen me play in arenas many times, but never for WWE. I was finally at peace with what I had achieved in life and told them both at the hotel with tears streaming down and my face beaming with pride ‘Mom, Dad – I did it’

My last in-ring appearance was in Louisville KY which was my first home in the US when I moved to the country in 2013 – It just writes itself right? After a fun and entertaining match involving a cavalcade of stars, we returned to the gorilla position with smiling faces and a round of applause. This UK tour that ended tonight in Louisville KY was the most rewarding week of my career. If you told me there, that was it – I was fine with that.

I now have the opportunity to expand my horizons even further in the industry that I love as well as in many other avenues including film and television. After a career that began in 2001 as an in-ring performer, I personally exceeded all of my personal expectations geographically and physically in a line of work that someone like me would never have. had to succeed.

Needless to say, it’s all thanks to the people I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with on the trip and this industry as a whole – I’m in a blessed position in life. He owes me nothing yet I owe him everything.

Thanks for reading – James

Congratulations on the new gig, DM.


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