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Decrease in surgeries, delay in diagnosis, treatment: cancer care affected since the start of the pandemic

Two years of pandemic have severely hampered cancer treatment, leading to delays in seeking care and diagnosis, postponed surgeries and patients stopping treatment, experts say on World Cancer Day .

“When there is a surge and associated closures or hospital closings for other treatments, patients who have already been diagnosed and are on treatment falter, miss schedules and sometimes drop out of treatment altogether. We have seen that conformity falls in such situations. Then there are patients who have symptoms but do not seek or cannot seek treatment in a timely manner. By the time they are diagnosed, they are in advanced stages of cancer and the prognosis is poorer,” said Dr Prashant Mathur, Director of the National Center for Informatics and Disease Research at ICMR.

Mystery of 3,005 logs found buried at Delhi Golf Club remains unsolved

The Crime Branch’s investigation into alleged illegal tree cutting at the Delhi Golf Club (DGC) appears to have hit a dead end, after the Forest Research Institute (FRI) in Dehradun said the number of trees felled and their age can’t be determined based on the 3,005 logs found buried at the scene.


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