DD renewal commission levy on ballot


During the general election ballot, the Fayette County Board of Developmental Disabilities (FCBDD) has a renewal levy, which Board of DD officials say is critical to the continued support of local programs.

According to a sample ballot from the Fayette County Board of Elections, this is a renewal of a tax to benefit the county for the operation of programs and services by FCBDD, including the acquisition , construction, renovation, financing, maintenance and operations. and for related purposes at a rate not to exceed one and one-half (1.5) thousandths for each dollar of valuation, which equals 15 cents for every $100 of valuation, for 10 years from 2023, first due in calendar year 2024.

More than 70% of the annual budget comes directly from these local tax levies. Since this is a renewal fee, CBFDD is not asking for any new money.

The FCBDD, a community partner for more than 55 years, offers support to children, young people in transition and adults. The mission of the FCBDD is to offer programs and coordinate the services available so that the people it serves can realize their dreams and actively contribute to their community. The vision is to empower people to be the best version of themselves.

CBFDD’s administration office, The Caryl Center, is located on Robinson Road. This office houses the Services and Support Administration department, as well as the Operations and Business departments. The Starting Gate building on Leesburg Road is home to two outstanding programs for Fayette County’s youngest residents, including Early Intervention and Fayette Progressive Preschool.

The Early Intervention (EI) team assists approximately 50 local families with children under the age of 3 who have delays or diagnosed medical conditions each year. This professional team includes a nurse, a developmental specialist and speech therapists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists. Starting intervention services at a very young age can reduce or even prevent the need for expensive special help later, officials said.

Fayette Progressive Preschool partners with both public school districts to provide children — most with developmental delays, but also some of their typical pals — a fun, yet structured preschool environment in which to learn and grow together. Fayette Progressive Preschool is licensed for up to 75 students. The program is a half-day program, four days a week, with morning and afternoon classes.

“Remember, these are the most crucial years of brain and social development,” a statement from FCBDD said.

Additional programs serve eligible Fayette County youth transitioning to adulthood and adulthood. Pre-employment services help transitioning youth prepare for employment opportunities, hone interview and resume development skills, and explore employment. The employment specialist also helps create jobs in the community based on the interests and talents of young people.

The Department of Services and Support Administration (SSA) assists adults through the coordination of services. SSA services connect people with disabilities and their families to services provided by the Fayette County Board of DD and other community agencies and services. This is accomplished by obtaining and sharing information, making recommendations, scheduling services, and authorizing payment for services. SSA case management services are available to eligible children and adults ages 3 and up.

Special Olympics is also a very big part of CBFDD. The Fayette County Dragons have many accomplishments, including being flag football champions for three consecutive years. The Special Olympics program gives athletes the opportunity to improve their physical condition, show their talents and demonstrate their courage. The program offers sports training and sports competitions throughout the year according to age, gender and ability. Participation can start at the age of 8. The program currently offers basketball, bowling, cheerleading, flag football, track and field, unified softball, and coached softball.

The purpose of the fee is the operation of programs and services


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