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After a brief drop in the number of cases over the Thanksgiving holiday, the number of COVID cases in Illinois and Indiana is on an upward trend again, continuing the flare-ups that began in late October.

This rise in the number of new COVID diagnoses came after a long downward trend in numbers following the worst of the delta variant-induced increases in cases over the summer.

On November 24, Illinois reached its highest number of daily COVID cases since the absolute worst of the pandemic last fall, with an average of 4,628 new cases per day over a seven-day period, according to the ministry. of Illinois Public Health.

After that date, the number of new cases dropped rapidly, possibly due to the Thanksgiving holiday. On November 27, just three days after hitting a new high, cases were below 4,000 new cases per day, but in the days that followed the number rebounded, rebounding to 4,442 new cases of coronavirus per day on Wednesday .

According to data from the IDPH, cases in Illinois have increased by almost 100% over the past month, which even explains the brief drop around Thanksgiving. As of November 1, the state was recording an average of 2,229 new cases per day, and as of December 1, that number was now 4,442, an increase of 99.3%.

Cases are increasing in several Midwestern states as temperatures cooler and people head indoors this winter, making the region the current “COVID hotspot,†according to Chicago’s top doctor.

The state of Illinois is far from alone in the Midwest in terms of rapidly increasing cases. The state of Indiana followed a similar pattern to Illinois, with a lull in cases in late October and then those numbers escalating rapidly in November.

As of Oct. 23, the state of Indiana was recording an average of 1,591 new COVID cases per day, and as of Nov. 23, that number had skyrocketed to 3,248 per day, an increase of 104%, according to the Department. Indiana State Health Department. .

Much like Illinois, Indiana saw a rapid drop in cases around Thanksgiving, dropping to 2,675 cases per day, but that number has since rebounded to 3,245 per day and is showing signs of a continued increase.

With the emergence of the new Omicron variant, the CDC is stepping up its previous booster shots around COVID, saying people over 18 should get one. Sandra Torres has more.

In addition to the rapid increase in cases, a dramatic increase in hospitalizations has been reported in both states. According to the latest data from the IDPH, Illinois reported 2,458 hospitalizations for COVID as of Tuesday, the highest score the state has seen since the worst of the pandemic last winter.

The increase in hospitalizations from early to late November was virtually identical to the increase in the number of cases, increasing 92.9% during that time, according to data from the IDPH.

The number of intensive care admissions also skyrocketed during the month of November, with 470 patients requiring intensive care beds as of November 30. This number represents a 66.7% increase from the number of intensive care patients on November 1 and continues to rise. .

Hospitalizations in Indiana hit a low slightly later than they did in Illinois, reaching 1,209 COVID patients in total as of November 6, but the number is also increasing at a dizzying rate there. As of November 30, there were 2,244 COVID patients in hospitals in Indiana, an increase of 85.6% over a period of just over three weeks.

More than a quarter of the state’s intensive care beds are currently used by COVID patients, with 20.7% of the state’s intensive care beds currently available to patients.



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