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Company of Heroes 3 Updates: Fans can now play a free pre-alpha demo of Company of Heroes 3, the recently announced WWII real-time strategy game.

Relic Entertainment’s Company of Heroes 3 now offers a playable pre-alpha sample for free. The Company of Heroes real-time strategy game series debuted in 2006, followed by Company of Heroes 2 in 2013. The strategy game trilogy takes place in World Conflict II, and players must manage resources and design plans to change the course of the war.

Real-time strategy games are a small but popular genre, with many players drawn to the lengthy, tactical action these games provide. Relic Entertainment, in addition to WWII-themed Company of Heroes, also creates other series such as Medieval Age of Empires.

The recently announced Age of Empires 4 will include new nations as well as gameplay adjustments and updates from previous editions. While Part Four will focus primarily on English and Mongolian forces, other undisclosed nations will also be involved in the live combat.

AoE 4’s gameplay footage also suggests that siege warfare will play an important role in the upcoming game, with catapults and trebuchets used to pierce through opposing walls. New types of games and improved artificial intelligence will ensure that the next title is a significant improvement over Age of Empires 3, which launched in 2005.

Relic Entertainment has set Age of Empires 4 release date for October 28, 2021, saying fans won’t have to wait long for a new medieval strategy game.

Company of Heroes 3 preview


A Company of Heroes 3 live announcement presented by IGN revealed that a free pre-alpha sample for the next strategic title is now available. This first look at the fourth iteration of the series will allow fans to follow the development of the game, provide feedback to the developers, and help shape the final game design.

Fans can participate in this free beta by registering on the Company of Heroes development website, which will then give them access to the preview through Steam. The game’s final release date is set for the end of 2022.

The profusion of real-time strategy games demonstrates their appeal, with games such as the upcoming Total War: Warhammer 3 continuing to be released. The third installment of Creative Assembly in the fantasy strategy game promises to add several new features to the massive real-time war simulator.

Total War: Warhammer 3 will include Survival Battle and Chaos Realm modes, giving players even more play options. Survival Battle will challenge players to hold the line against an onslaught of enemies, while Chaos Realm will offer Demonic and twisted panoramas to explore.

Relic Entertainment’s announcement of Company of Heroes 3 is unexpected but exciting, given that the company is already planning to release Age of Empires 4 in the fall of 2021. The series’ WWII storyline sets it apart from other products. developer, and an impressive resume means this next strategy title will undoubtedly stand out among its competition.

The pre-alpha preview of the game will also ensure that players can provide Relic with the appropriate feedback to ensure the quality of the final version.



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