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We Got You Covered: The Nitty-Gritty About Writing Your Resume, Cover Letter, and Reference Page.

Feeling confused and overwhelmed with writing a resume and cover letter? What is the right etiquette for managing references? Do not worry; We have what you need. This workshop covers the basic components and elements of writing your CV, cover letter and reference page, as well as tips on how to make these documents stand out when applying for jobs. .

Keep Calm and Interview: How to Succeed in Your Next Interview

Would you like to answer these tough interview questions and make a positive, lasting impression in an interview? What about reducing anxiety during the interview process? This workshop covers basic etiquette and expectations of the interview process. This workshop also includes an essential formula that you can use to answer difficult interview questions.

Razzle-Dazzle *em!

With so many people applying for jobs, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. In this workshop, JCS will review the job search process and discuss how you can maximize your job search skills to target and target the jobs you want. The second half of the workshop discusses the importance of a professional presence and how you can wow potential employers.

Connect to LinkedIn

Social media is growing and here to stay, but did you know that social media can be used to find jobs and connect with potential employers? Presentation of LinkedIn; a social media site created exclusively to help you achieve your career goals and find your dream job. LinkedIn is a must-have profile for anyone looking to quickly advance their career. This lab can be added to all current labs for a quick tutorial on what LinkedIn is and how it works.

Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

The workforce is becoming more global every year. Companies increasingly work with international customers, suppliers and partners. What does this mean for you? You will work with people from diverse backgrounds. Learning to interact constructively with a wide range of people will give you an employment advantage. Essentially, you need to increase your CQ (cultural IQ). This workshop introduces the subject of CQ and gives some suggestions on how to cultivate your own.

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The modern CV

Preparing a CV is the first step in creating a favorable impression with any future employer. Too often the basics of researching, writing and organizing resumes are overlooked, but a professional resume can be the difference between getting or not getting an interview and the job you want. The Modern Resume workshop is an interactive workshop that will teach you how to organize your CV, format it correctly and create a suitable CV for the position you want. For more information, please visit the Events section of the Career and Placement Office page, or email us at [email protected].

Professionalism for college students

Your behavior at work represents both you and your company. A successful employee will strive to behave in a professional manner. Professionalism for College Students is a two-part training session aimed at exposing student employees to the concepts and habits of professionalism in the workplace that can support current and future career success. The training is designed to inspire good judgment, dependability, initiative and responsibility in the workplace while providing transferable job skills to support future employment opportunities. Students RSVP via myCNMFinancial Aid tab, Employed Student Learning, Employed Student Training, register for “Professionalism for College Students”

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The Nitty-Gritty About Writing Your Resume, Cover Letter, and Reference Page.

Keep Calm and Interview: How to Succeed in Your Next Interview

Connect to LinkedIn

Dazzle them!

You have been fired. Now what?

Cultural Intelligence (CQ)


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