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Career services have seen an increase in student traffic, but many seem to be underutilizing or underutilizing the opportunities offered by career services. Most students don’t know that UWG Career Services also helps undergraduates, it’s not just for seniors and graduate students.

“We do everything career-related,” Associate Director of Career Development Ian Houston said. “The career development process may include a standard CV, cover letter review, assistance with writing a personal statement, mock interview preparation, job search and internship strategies and a professional brand image.”

There are two online programs that offer students the opportunity to polish their resumes and find employment in their field. The first item on the agenda is called Optimal CV. This is a service provided by the school where students can organize and reset their CV according to a template. Career Services can scour the site for those who are unsure, help create the resume, or review one for the student.

“Optimal Resume is my favorite platform right now,” Houston said. “It makes the resume development process much more streamlined, more efficient, and just plain much easier for students.”

The second program is the UWG version of LinkedIn. This program is called Handshake and allows the student to create a profile, find jobs or internships and is basically a one stop shop for students.

“[Handshake] is the surest way for our employers to connect with our students,” said Suzy McCorkel, Associate Director of Employer Relations. McCorkel helps plan events, employer presentations and campus tours. McCorkel has planned the very large job fair which will take place on March 15 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

“It’s our big thing that we found and I’m so excited,” McCorkel said. “I have over 20 registered employers. This number will certainly increase. It’s a great opportunity for students to step out in their casual attire, bring their resumes, and talk to employers. We have a wide variety of employers who will be there; Enterprise has signed up, we have local law enforcement, CPA firms, and then Kia, LaGrange’s automaker, will have a booth there as well.

For students who don’t have professional attire, Career Services also offers Wolfie’s Wardrobe, a closet full of various free professional attire for students.

“Another resource we have is Wolfie’s wardrobe,” Houston said. “It’s a free clothing closet. What we like to do is provide a little resource for students who may not have the necessary attire for a job fair or interview. If a student has a job interview coming up and he doesn’t have business attire on, he can come in, we’ll schedule a time for him, he can explore the closet, find something to wear; shirts, tops, bottoms, accessories, shoes, things like that. If it works, they can keep it.

Wolfie’s wardrobe is limited to one outfit per student, regardless of the student’s classification. Wardrobe donations are gladly accepted.

Career Services offers many supports for students in terms of helping their career grow. Their goal is always to see their students succeed beyond the lowest expectations. Check them out today or try Handshake. Career Services is in Row Hall on the third floor and accepts walk-in resume reviews.
Career services have many offers for students who need help with anything related to their career. They want students to succeed beyond their own expectations.




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