Bruce Lehrmann trial resumes; Linda Reynolds will appear next week


Warning: This story contains graphic content

Higgins denied taking off her dress herself and lying on the sofa in Reynolds’ office in Parliament before falling asleep, saying Lehrmann was “raping me”.

Whybrow told Higgins that after entering the ministerial suite in the early hours of March 23, 2019, Lehrmann went left towards the staff area and Higgins went right towards Reynolds’ office.

Higgins denied this, saying she clearly remembered going to sit on a windowsill that was not in the minister’s main office.

Higgins repeated her earlier testimony that she did not recall after that whether she had gone to Reynolds’ office of her own volition or whether Lehrmann had guided her there, adding, when asked, that he was not normal to enter the office uninvited.

“I’ve never done it before, I’ve never been back in Parliament this way before,” she said.
Whybrow told her, “You took off your dress yourself and either fell asleep or passed out in the living room.”

Higgins replied, “No, I don’t accept that.”

Whybrow then told Higgins that she had not seen Lehrmann again during this time.

“Mr. Lehrmann did not sexually assault you,” he said.

Higgins replied, “Obviously I disagree. He raped me. He was in there, he was physically raping me. He was in my body, I know that.“


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